August 2018 

Wrocław/Grotowski Institute: Jakub Gontarski and Agnieszka Rybak “Martial Partnering” – workshop

6 February 2018


On 2-4 March 2018, the Grotowski Institute (ul. Rynek-Ratusz 27) in collaboration with Stowarzyszenie Inicjatyw Twórczych Momentum will host the workshop Martial Partnering with Jakub Gontarski and Agnieszka Rybak. The workshop Martial Partnering is organized as part of the The String of the Body programme. The workshop is aimed at all those with a passion for physical movement who want to discover new tools for psychophysical development.

Schedule: Friday: 4 – 8pm; Saturday and Sunday: 10am – 1pm and 3.30 – 7 pm.

Fee: 85 euro or 350 PLN. A two-course lunch will be available at the price of 20 PLN.

Deadline: 15 February 2018.

Completed application forms should be emailed to


Participants will be accepted on a first come, first served basis. Places are limited.


Please wear a sports outfit: long bottoms and a long-sleeved top.


Jakub Gontarski and Agnieszka Rybak about the workshop:

During our Martial Partnering workshop, we will focus on intense physical contact and its martial character. We will engage in an in-depth process of interrelationships between body centers including the spine, the pelvis, the shoulder girdle, breathing, and the senses. We will search for the natural principles that underpin our motor skills, kinetics, statics, dynamics, and balance in states of non-equilibrium, as well as expanding the frequency of our alertness, mindfulness and presence. It will be a conscious confrontation with one another, the group, our limitations, decision-making ability, responsibility, a sense of security, and mind and body patterns. By doing work that involves our own body weight, we will strengthen the structure of our bodies. While working with one or more partners, we will use: jumping, catching, lifting, rolling, tripping, falling, hooking, pushing and pulling. We will be provoking bodily dialogue in order to awaken in us instinctiveness, intelligence and cunning. Our focus will be on directing intentions, making decisions, redirecting forces (their trajectories) and on the potential of centrifugal force. The obstacles and difficulties that we encounter help us understand the basic functions and mechanisms of the brain and reactive body, and good psychophysical condition makes it easier for us to communicate in a diverse world.



Jakub Gontarski graduated from Wrocław-based 13 Stunt School. A physical recreation instructor specializing in self defense (AZF- AWF Wrocław), and a certified personal trainer and movement coach, he studied under the legendary Steve Maxwell (USA). He initiated The String of the Body and Martial Partnering workshop dedicated to exploring expression, presence, dramaturgy and creativity in martial arts within the path of  Human – Warrior – Performer. Jakub travels to Brazil, where he documents his expeditions and takes an active part in candomblé rituals. He has co-created many performances, including Animan – I Am That and Madhouse, and performed movement improvisations on stage to live music. Jakub trained in martial arts – Japanese judo and Brazilian capoeira – for many years in Brazil and in many European countries. He studied under eminent movement practitioners in Poland and internationally, among others: Judo (Gwardia Wrocław i AZS – AWF Wrocław) under Wacław Nosek, Rafał Kubacki, Wiesław Błach, Zbigniew Zamęcki; Capoeira under Mestre Cobra Mansa, Mestre Marinaldo, Mestre Fuampa, prof. Macaco, Mestre Boca Rica, Mestre Curio,Mestre Moraes; Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under Nilton Fereira (“Gracie Barra do Bonfim” Salvador Bahia), Jakub Janiak (23 Evolution Fight Academy). Boxing: Bombardier Club Wrocław (Piotr Szypulski), Maciej Zegan (Zegan Boxing Club) and Gwardia Wrocław (Mariusz Cieślak and Grzegorz Strugała); dance with Milan Kozanek and Zuna Kozankova, Yaniv Minzter, Iwona Olszowska, David Lorenc, Sebastian Flegiel, Jacek Owczarek, Witold Jurewicz, Jozef Frucek, Dança do Afro e Contemporanea (Orixás e suas Ressignificações) with Jaguaracy Santos Mojegbe and Katia Ferreira Ramos (Salvador, Bahia). He also participated in theatre workshops at the Grotowski Institute (Teatr Zar). His inspirations include motor control, body mechanics, processes of integration and adaptation. He collaborates with the Grotowski Institute as part of the BodyConstitution research programme. Jakub is a co-organiser of the Cyrkulacje Festival in Wrocław and the “Planet Kids” project. He is President of the Momentum Association of Creative Initiatives. He worked for the Krzyżowa Foundation for Mutual Understanding in Europe, running workshops and creating choreographies and performances with an international group of young people. He also runs workshops with socially excluded youth in Wrocław, including as part of projects developed in collaboration with Institute of Music and Dance as part of the Thought in Motion programme. He taught movement classes at Ente private kindergarten (European Cooperation Centre). Jakub plays Afro-Brazilian instruments, and is the author of a poetry book, Śmierć i odrodzenie [Death and Rebirth].

Agnieszka Rybak teaches, moves and performs. She collaborates with the Grotowski Institute in the BodyConstitution research programme. Together with Jakub Gontarski, Agnieszka co-creates The String of the Body workshop. She has practiced capoeira for many years, including during an expedition to Brazil in 2008. She holds a scholarship of the Alternative Dance Academy in Poznań. Agnieszka graduated from the Academy of New Dance and Improvisation and completed a number of instructor courses in the fields of therapy, dance and movement. She hones her skills in Poland and abroad. She is a practitioner and teacher of a Hawaiian bodywork method and a practitioner of the Life Impression Bodywork method and of Thai Yoga Massage Sacred Dance of the Sunshine House School in Chiang Mai. She is a member of ECITE (European Contact Improvisation Teachers Exchange) as well as an initiator of Wrocław’s contact improvisation milieu and co-creator of the Cyrkulacje Festival and

“Planet Kids” project.

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