January 2019 
Warsaw/Format Zero: Michael Getman „Choreoscore” – workshop

Warsaw/Format Zero: Michael Getman „Choreoscore” – workshop

8 February 2018


On 10-11 March 2018 the Format Zero Association is pleased to invite everyone to the workshop Choreoscore with Michael Getman. The workshop is addressed to dancers who wish to hone their choreographic movement composition skills.


Fee: Early Bird price till 12 February – 65 euro or 250 PLN, aftter – 350 PLN or 80 euro. Prepayment: 100 PLN or 25 euro.


Registration and Information:, +48 602154575.


Venue: Warsaw: Zawirowania, ul. Wspólna 61.

Schedule: Saturday: 12-6pm, Sunday: 10am-4pm


Michael Getman about the workshop:

Being a good dancer does not mean becoming a choreographer. Fortunately, the craft of composition can be acquired and mastered. This studio practice will help you reflect on individual creation when you wish to choreograph a dance which you will perform. Over the course of the workshop, we’ll address elementary questions with regard to working on a solo, from collecting material, through the creation process and the substance and execution of the piece. Striving to complete the task by yourself entails many questions and issues to reflect on.


Where is a starting point?
What do I wish to explore?
What is a performance space?
How to share my experience with others?
What do I want on stage?
How to perform what I’ve created?

Being in the body. Being in the mind. Being in the space. In time. Recognizing the situation, being recognized, being looked at, 
looking at the situation as it is. We will be shifting the awareness between the aspect of making dance and being in dance. We will practice and focus on how you can unite and shift through three sources: mental, physical, and emotional. Composition and presence. Being and doing.

The 12-hour studio practice is a lead-in into process-based exploration. It can be applied to any kind of dance, performance, form or style. However, we would like to encourage you to search for inspiration in the works of painters, architects, visual artists, musicians and choreographers. The concept has been used in Michael’s and Iwona’sstage works (developed together and separately), as well as in cooperation with other artists of different fields. The practice will end up with the public presentation of your solo as our great wish is to meet others, who would like to work with us in the future.

Michael Getman – choreographer, dancer, and teacher of composition, improvisation and repertoire. Born in Israel in 1978, Michael has built his performing career in the Batsheva Dance Company / Ohad Naharin (Israel) and The Pretty Ugly Dance Company / Amanda Miller (Germany). Since 2006, he has been based in Israel as an independent choreographer. He also conducts dance and improvisation workshops in different countries for professional and non-professional dancers, as well as for visual-art students. Throughout the years he has created many projects and choreographic works for various festivals such as Curtain Up (Israel), International Exposure (Israel), Holland Dance Festival (The Hague), Open Look Festival (St. Petersburg), Theatre National Chaillot (Paris), White Box Gallery (N.Y.C), etc. In 2006, he received a scholarship from the American Israel Cultural Foundation for promising young choreographers. In 2008, he won the 2nd prize for choreography of the solo M-Fiction and 1st prize for the outstanding performance in the CCBC International Choreography Contest in Copenhagen (Denmark). In 2014 Michael won the 2nd prize for choreography in the No Ballet International Choreography Competition Germany (Ludwigshafen). 



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