March 2020 
Łódź: International Symposium “Laboratory of Dance / Dance as a Vantage Point”

Łódź: International Symposium “Laboratory of Dance / Dance as a Vantage Point”

30 January 2020

International Symposium “Laboratory of Dance / Dance as a Vantage Point” will be held in Łódź between 1-3 July 2020. The main organisers of the Symposium – Faculty of Philology (University of Łódź) and Music Academy in Łódź – invite researchers to submit their presentations.


Application deadline: 29 February 2020

Applications can be submitted through the EasyChair system. Detailed information about the Symposium and participation can be found here:


About the Symposium:

Dance, due to being rooted in the primary experience of movement and action, very easily interacts with other forms of art, thus crossing and expanding its recognizable forms. At the same time, through its significant and progressive overlapping with visual arts, new media, participatory art, dance modifies them and provokes viewing them through the lens of such concepts as choreography. Nowadays, dance demands us to approach it in new ways that will enable taking into account its dynamic and transgressive characteristics.


A lot of recent dance research is inspired by insights from contemporary cognitive science and/or reinterpretations of classical phenomenology. At the same time, a growing body of research is situated on the borderline between dance practice and theory and takes up the challenge of combining traditional methodologies with creative strategies directly derived from artistic practice. Moreover, new modes of dance research increasingly make use of new media and virtual reality in particular, which allows the creation of immersive spaces for experiencing movement and physicality from otherwise inaccessible perspectives. These contexts create an inter-/multi-/trans-disciplinary matrix that has the potential to create new research perspectives reaching far beyond performing arts. However, due to their (pre)liminal nature, these new research trends also raise significant methodological issues. Along with promoting this type of interdisciplinary research, strategies to tackle and overcome new methodological challenges are the primary thematic focus of the Symposium.


On the other hand, the Symposium also aims at exploring the fact that dance – just like theatre, ritual and game – can be an imaginative and rhetorical source of cognitive metaphors for describing life and reality in their various dimensions. Perhaps the interpretative possibilities opened up by dance have more potential, than the discontinuous dramatic imagery and the dichotomy of theatrical imagery, which is torn apart by the representation-reality), both of which are said to co-create the horizon of the so-called performative turn? This is for instance suggested by the prominent presence of dance in the mythical and religious imaginary, wherein it appears as: the dynamic principle of reality, the vehicle for the transformation of the phenomenal view of the world, as passion dance, and maybe even as an allegory of salvation.


Despite their establishment in different theoretical-imaginary spaces, we propose the following hypothesis – that all of these threads are connected and can be recognized as manifestations of one broader intellectual and experiential current. Therefore, we suggest looking at those existing and potential links between both lines in interdisciplinary research contexts, which will allow us to recognize and verify the scope of a potential dance and choreographic turn.


More informations about the proposed content of the Symposium: here

Participation: here


Invited Speakers:

– Scott Delahunta (Coventry University)

– Pil Hansen (University of Calgary)

– Agnieszka Jelewska (Uniwersytet Adama Mickiewicza)

– Rudi Laermans (KU Leuven)



– Centre for Philosophical Research

– Faculty of Philology, University of Łódź

– Academy of Music in Łódź

– Polish Association of Creative Strategies

– “Avant” Journal


Organizing Committee:

– Tomasz Ciesielski (University of Łódź)

– Sandra Frydrysiak (SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities)

– Klara Łucznik (Plymouth University)

– Mariusz Bartosiak (University of Łódź)

– Jacek Owczarek (Academy of Music in Łódź)

– Mikołaj Raczyński (University of Warsaw)

– Witold Wachowski (Centre for Philosophical Research)


Co-organized by the Institute of Music and Dance



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