August 2019 

Wrocław: Wrocław Mime Theatre “BATORY_trans” – directed by Martyna Majewska

23 February 2019 - 24 February 2019 | 19:00 | Wrocław: Polski Theatre, Scena na Świebodzkim, Plac Orląt Lwowskich 20c

performance presentation

Wrocław Mime Theatre presents a performance BATORY_trans, directed by the winner of the Best Mime Directing Debut Martyna Majewska. The author took the inspiration for this performance from Bożena Aksamit’s book Batory. Celebrities, Scandals and Love On Ocean Liner, describing the fates of passengers of “Batory” liner.In the inter-war period, the ship regularly sailed under the GAL banner (Gdynia – America Shipping Lines). The subject of the performance will be our imaginations – how we imagine what would happen and who we would be if we were somewhere else; it touches upon the issues of emigration, need for change, escape, longing and necessity.



The starting point will be an enclosed space of the ship, beyond space and time, as if it was adrift somewhere on the ocean. A waiting room for dreamers. It is the time when nothing is certain, there is only us, our imaginations, random travelling companions and night. Outside there is a terrifying black ocean abyss and on the board there is of course a captain’s ball. Internal migration of passengers, their dreams and expectations are more important than whether after a three-week journey, they will really have a chance to see the Statue of Liberty.

“MS Batory” called “Lucky Ship” always transported its passengers safely and there was no storm that could overcome it. Each of my cruises is crossed by a network of magical threads, which always warn me of an incoming danger - this is what the most famous ship’s captain, Eustazy Borkowski, used to say. The ship was believed to be so lucky owing to so many toasts raised for Mary Star of The Sea. An ocean of alcohol, strength of faith and dreams of power, which is basically the Polish way? What will the last ball of BATORY_trans look like?



written and directed by: Martyna Majewska
stage design: Anna Haudek
music: Dawid Majewski
projections: Jakub Lech



Bela Gelbard – Agnieszka Charkot

Gwiazda Estrady – Izabela Cześniewicz

Shirin Naemi – Paula Krawczyk-Ivanov

Captain Borkowski – Mateusz Kowalski

Iwan Pyłypiw – Krzysztof Szczepańczyk

Suicide – Anatoliy Ivanov

Chaplain Józef Szarkowski – Piotr Sabat

planned premiere: 31 December 2015, Świebodzki Stage

Performance of Martyna Majewska, the winner of the Best Mime Directing Debut Competition, organized on the 60th anniversary of the Theatre.


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