July 2018 
Photo: Marek Weiss.

New York: Presentation of “Projekt: 3 siostry” [Project: 3 Sisters” by the ART_committed Foundation at the Mobile Dance Film Festival

16 July 2018

We are happy to announce that the film Projekt: 3 siostry  [Project: 3 Sisters] by the ART_committed Foundation has qualified for the Mobile Dance Film Festival in New York. The film will be presented alongside nine other dance films from around the world. The presentation will take place on 28 July at the Harkness Dance Center. Directed by Jakub Krawczyk, Projekt: 3 siostry is a film adaptation of Anton Chekhov’s famous drama. The piece has been regularly presented in Poland and abroad since 2012. It was developed by Paulina Jóźwicka, Katarzyna Kostrzewa, and Agnieszka Bednarz, all of whom also star in the film.


Warsaw: Inauguration of the Program “Poszerzanie pola [Expanding the Field]” at Nowy Teatr

3 July 2018

On Thursday, 5 July (8 pm), the Art Stations Foundation and Nowy Teatr will host the inaugural lecture in the new series Ćwiczenia w patrzeniu [Exercises in Seeing], which will be held as part of the choreographic programme Expanding the field, co-organized by the two institutions. Tuding a series of meetings accompanying subsequent premieres in the programme, curator Joanna Leśnierowska will invite participants to engage in exercises in dance perception. Also as part of the programme, on 12 July (7 pm) Agata Siniarska will premiere her piece You Are Safe.Siniarska’s is a choreography of movement relations between human bodies, aliens, thoughts, trillions of bacteria, viruses, global warming, the political imaginary, and theory.

Pictured: BITEF Theatre.

Belgrade: Maciej Kuźmiński has begun working on his new piece with the BITEF Dance Company

20 June 2018

Maciej Kuźmiński creates a visionary new work for the BITEF Dance Theatre drawing from a known play Midsummer Night Dream. Kuźmiński’s  highly symbolic and existential piece revolves around one pivotal character who delves into a (dreamlike) world of the inner self, thus making an arch to Shakespeare's concepts of illusion and somewhat inverting the idea of doubling. The BITEF Dance Company  is a theatre without a permanent ensemble, open to all theatrical genres, from those theatrical in a wider sense to para-theatrical forms. Currently run by Jelena Kajgo, this elite dance company operates within the umbrella of BITEF theatre. So far, the BITEF Dance Company has promoted local choreographers, from Dejan Pajović to Isidora Stanišić, Dalija Aćin and several others (eg. Guy Weismann, Jasmin Vardimon) who have collaborated in the past five years.

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