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Tomasz Bazanhas been selected a member of a 17-strong group of culture professionals: curators, Israeli and European critics, and choreographers, established to work out a formula for a new interdisciplinary festival of art focusing on the body, dance and movement. The festival is planned to launch in Israel in 2015, yet preparations are already under way. The experts are going to meet in different locations across Europe and Israel for 10 organisational sessions to discuss the most important developments in dance today and to map out courses of action for 2015-18.

The festival, now known under the working name of Contexts Bodies, is going to be made up of a few modules, including a programme of visual arts focusing on photography and video dealing with transformations of the body in contemporary culture, a programme of performances based on research and experiments on a dancing body, and a publishing programme aimed at creating and publishing critical texts, both in hard copy and online. The experts are to complete their work in November 2014, when the festival’s programme for 2015 will be announced. It is planned that the programme’s presentation will take place in Tel Aviv, yet a formula of artistic exchange between different European dance centre is also taken into consideration. The expert group’s firsts session is taking place on 16-28 October 2013 in Tel Aviv.

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