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We are pleased to report that Katarzyna Sitarz is currently teaching and performing at the VIVADANÇA Festival in Salvador, which ranks among Brazil?s standout performing arts events. As part of the festival, the artist is currently holding a workshop titled Beetween the body and the voice, and on Saturday, 28 April, she will present her solo piece Per-sona, (developed as part of the Solo Projekt Plus 2016/ Old Brewery New Dance programme, Art Stations Foundation). The presentation will take place at Teatro ICBA (6 pm).


About the workshop Between the body and the voice:


From the artist:
In this 5-days workshop we will explore various relationships between the body, voice, movement and imagination and their performative potential. The human body appears to me as a multidimensional instrument carrying through the time embedded (in)tangible heritage, a universe of memory, image, motion and sound expressions. Based on courageous improvisational tasks, slack somatic methods and my artistic practices we will travel through this sensory, polyphonic worlds, seeking for ephemeral vocal phenomenas inside and outside our bodies. The voice will be our partner to play with and listen to. We will also develop the skill to detect, observe and follow the pleasure as a stimuli for decision making and joyfully practice our attention and ability to engage.

This workshop is dedicated to anybody who is self aware and curious to experience and discover own potential of the voice and the body. I?d like to create a space where participants can experiment, diving into proposed methods and tools, exchange ideas about them, transform the outcome and develop further, learning from one another. Professionals from various performing arts fields (dancers, actors, singers) as well as courageous beginners are welcome. 


About the performance:


Per-sona is a concert-performance for the voices of the body and the bodies of the voice.                                                                                                                                  

Per-sona continually pulsates between the (in)visible and the (in)audible, between materiality and intangibility. It listens attentively to the sound of the voice and builds a sonic signature of the body only to diffuse it and create a different one. The boundaries between what remains inside and outside blur and the voice becomes a bridge between the private and the public. The sound rooted in corporality (phone), language (logos), animal nature (zoe), the story and social training (bios) make up individual but also political voice. This voice is a presence that extends beyond the bodily being, penetrates spaces and resonates on the plane of affects and emotions. It is a force that unites sensuality and intimacy; dynamics echoing ugliness, pleasures, beauty or sanity, echoing what?s familiar and alien. 


concept and performance: Katarzyna Sitarz

dramaturgy: Eleonora Zdebiak

artistic coaching: Bush Hartshorn

production: Art Stations Foundation by Grażyna Kulczyk in the frame of Solo Projekt Plus 2016

supported by: Kooperatywa Łaźnia, Fundacja Witryna Kultury w Szczecinie


Suported by the Adam Mickiewicz Institute


Instytut Adama Mickiewicza - logo 2018 (miniaturka)




About VIVADANÇA Festival:



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