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 On 23?24 October, invited by Polish Institute in Tel Aviv and Yair Vardi, curator of the 2014 Tmuna Festival, three Polish artists will show their performances in Tel Aviv: Agata Maszkiewicz will present POLSKA, Anna Nowicka ? The truth is just a plain picture. said bob, and Janusz Orlik ? Insight. The showcase is taking place as part of the 2014 Tmuna Festival 2014 and marks the launch of the Polish-Israeli Dance Platform, which is the expression of a desire to engage in regular exchange of ideas and experiences regarding the current state of affairs and future development of the respective dance scenes of Poland and Israel. 


Performances during Tmuna Festival 2014 are part of a kick off for Polish-Israeli Dance Platform – the project to be developed as a long term collaboration between Polish ad Israeli dance scene.  Following the deep interest in the exchange of ideas and knowledge related to current state and development of the contemporary dance scene in Poland and Israel, Polish Culture Institute in Tel Aviv, together with  the two leading dance institutions: Art Stations Foundation / Stary Browar Nowy Taniec from Poznan and Tmuna from Tel Aviv, had decided to initiate envisioned as a long term project: Polish-Israeli Dance Platform, a meeting point for both communities which main aim is to create a structure that will enable for exchanges to take place on different levels – cultural, physical, political, personal, national, emotional and technical ? developing different methods of working, thinking and presenting.


During launching of the project at Tmuna Festival 2014 (which will constitute of performances as well as introducing to both context  meetings and open discussions) the participants will look  for a strong basis of mutual work within desirably annually  structured program believing that this kind of exchange needs to happen both in a formal and informal way of sharing experiences and ideas and meeting artists and thinkers on both sides. They are aiming in setting the conditions for inspiring and creative encounters and, instead of pushing collaborations between Polish and Israeli artists in a priori determined formats, we wish to initiate a dialogue between all partners and artists to create new formats and spaces in which such collaborations may happen in a natural and organic way.


Performative part of the PLatform will be accompanied by theoretical part. A two hour discussion will be  moderated by dance critics: Jadwiga Majewska and Lior Avitzur. Participants of the discussion: Agata Maszkiewicz, Anna Nowicka, Daphna Horenczyk, Guy Bernard Reichmann, Janusz Orlik, Joanna Leśnierowska, Nava Zukerman, Rotem Tashach and Yair Vardi.


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Belka logotypy Polsko-Izraelska Platforma Tańca 2014 (miniaturka)


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