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Aerowaves is a European network of dance specialists which seeks out talented young choreographers, enabling them to present their pieces internationally. Each year,  Aerowaves members convene to choose a group of priority companies from among the choreographies submitted by young dance artists. This year?s Aerowaves meeting took place at La Briqueterie in Vitry-sur-Seine from 22-25 October for an intensive weekend of watching videos and discussing the work of the choreographers who applied to Aerowaves for 2016. Organisers have counted all the votes from the final round and they are delighted to announce the emerging artists who have been selected to makeup the Aerowaves Twenty for 2016. The Aerowaves Twenty artists come from 17 countries across Europe and include some of the most promising younger choreographers working in dance at the moment. The list of priority artists includes Marysia Zimpel and American musician and composer Bryan Eubanks, who were awarded for their co-production noish~.


About the piece:

Noish~ [commotion in moderation] is a performance which attempts to stay one thing, to insist on a discipline up to fail. The sensual body filtrates noise through itself, intensifies within space the breaking down of all her becoming[s]. A feeling that noise is not a sound, noise is not a cry; noise seen as fun, works as a stimulus and a catalyst for change. Dance and music intertwine and all we see is the vibration of the shell, never the cracking.


Marysia Zimpel is a dancer, choreographer and performer focusing on movement research and explorations in the limits of physicality. She studied dance and choreography at HZT at the UdK in Berlin, as well as cultural studies at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, PL. Influenced by the somatic practice and choreographic improvisation of Rosalind Crisp, Zimpel?s debut came in 2011 with Working like a Dog (ImageTanz, Brut Theatre, Vienna, AT), a duet with a poet Ezra Green. Her further works include What do you really miss? (2012/2013, SoloProjekt, Stary Browar, Poznań, PL), s c a t t e r ( CK Zamek 2014 thank to FrivMove Zamek, Poznań, PL), noish~ ( 2014 City Gallery Arsenał, Poznań, PL) What do you really miss? (3) (in progress); all have been presented around Europe. In 2010-2012, Zimpel worked with the Vienna-based theatre collective God?s Entertaniment. She collaborated with a number of artists, among others The Entropic Institute and Deufert&Plischke, participating in various interdisciplinary projects, including Phantoms beyond the brain with Gaja Karolczak and Martyna Lorenc. She currently works on her own projects and dances in choreographies by Rosalind Crisp and Kat Valastur.


Full list of selected projects:

Leon and Wolf / Christos PapadopoulosElvedon — Greece

Marco D’AgostinEverythingis OK — Italy

Pere Faura Striptease — Spain

CollettivO CineticO / Francesca Pennini10 Miniballetti — Italy

Fernando BelfioreAL13FB<3 — The Netherlands

Alexander Vantournhout & BaukeLievensAneckxander — Belgium

Himherandit Productions / Andreas Constantinou– The WOMANhouse — Denmark

Mirjam SögnerLara — Germany

Yasmine Hugonnet ARTSMOUVEMENTES Le Récital des Postures — Switzerland

Public in Private / Jasna L. VinovrskiStayingAlive — Germany/ Croatia

DONGNU / Jannik Elk?r and Kristoffer L.A. Pedersen N.A.R.G – North Arena Rumble Game — Denmark

Laura DannequinHardy Animal — UK

Cie Christian UBL & Cie Ornithorynque / Christian Ubl & KylieWaltersAU — France

Anna Reti & Ricardo MachadoPoint of You — Hungary/ Portugal

Helgebostad & Ruesla?tten / Kristin Ryg HelgebostadMe Too — Norway

ME-SA / Renan Martins de Oliveira Let Me Die In My Footsteps — Czech Republic

Robbie Synge Douglas — UK/ Scotland

Marysia Zimpel & Bryan EubanksNoish — Poland

Ima IduozeeThisis the Title — Finland

MARRAFA vzw / Luis MarrafaHOME? Portugal



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