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Centre for Dance Art in Warsaw: EXPRESSIONS 5: Paulina Święcańska and Warsaw Laboratory of Kinetography

As part of the 5th instalment of the EXPRESSIONS programme implemented by the Centre for Dance Art in Warsaw, on Thursday, 17 November 2016, the Mazovia Institute of Culture (ul. Elektoralna 12) will host a project presentation and a performative workshop. At 7 pm, the PERFORM Art Foundation will present Paulina Święcańska?s Drzewo życia (The Tree of Life), inspired by the cycle of natural metamorphoses in Chinese medicine. As an integral part of nature, the human being also undergoes such metamorphoses, both biologically and psychically. The project illustrates them based on the life of a woman, using three forms of...


Łódź: International Research Conference How Does the Body Think Corporeal and Movement Based Practices of Modernism and Modernity

On 3-4 December 2016, Muzeum Sztuki ms? in Łódź (ul. Ogrodowa 19) will host the International Research Conference How Does the Body Think? Corporeal and Movement Based Practices of Modernism and Modernity, organised as an accompanying event to the Moved Bodies. Choreographies of Modernit exhibition presented at Muzeum Sztuki ms?. The Conference will discuss kinetic and kinaesthetic practices of Modernism and Modernity in art as well as in theory. Movement became the synonym of progress and accumulation characterizing many aspects of life in late 19th and 1st half 20th century. Our main area of interest includes dance and choreography seen...


Body/Mind Festival 2020: Air-like Space

The 19th Body/Mind Festival has been running since 6 July 2020. The motto of this year?s edition is Air-like Space. Space is one of the basic principles of creating dance, in which the dancer has to define himself/herself in relation to the inner space of his/her body, mind and emotions, as well as in relation to the outer space, the environment: including nature, society, the other human being/dancer. Air, understood as breath, determines the rhythm of the dance, it fills the space or creates it, it constitutes also an essential axis of the movement?s construction.   The patroness of this...


Moved Bodies. Choreographies of Modernity book premiere

We are pleased to announce that Muzeum Sztuki in Łódź has just released a new collection of essays Moved Bodies. Choreographies of Modernity edited by Katarzyna Słoboda. Made up of contributions in Polish and English, this bilingual publication has been issued in the aftermath of the eponymous conference held at Muzeum Sztuki in Łódź at the turn of 2016 and 2017, and the How Does the Body Think? Corporeal and Movement Based Practices of Modernism and Modernity conference (3-4 December 2016), co-organised by professor Małgorzata Leyko of the Institute of Contemporary Culture at the University of Łódź.    The collection opens with a visual essay documenting...


Hannover: Two prizes for Maciej Kuźmiński at the 30th Choreographic Competition

The 30th International Choreographic Competition in Hannover ended yesterday, bringing two prizes for Maciej Kuźmiński and his work Dominique which was brilliantly performed by Dominik Więcek. Dominique received the second prize and Kuźmiński won the Scapino Ballett Rotterdam Production Award. The award is an invitation to produce in the next season a new piece for Scapino Ballet Rotterdam, one of the best known dance theatres in the Netherlands.   Full list of winners: More on Scapino Ballett Rotterdam:   More on Dominique at     About the performance   The word feminism needs to be reclaimed in...


Hannover: Dominique at the 20th International Competition for Choreographers

The solo performance Dominique choreographed by Maciej Kuźmiński and performed by Dominik Więcek was selected for the jubilee 30th edition of the International Competition for Choreographers in Hannover, Germany. The competition will be held on 11?12 June 2016 at the Theater am Aegi (Aegidientorplatz 2).   This year?s event hosts 20 presentations from Spain, France, Belgium, Hungary, China, Britain, Germany, South Korea, Italy, Columbia and Israel, and one from Poland.   So far, Dominique has won audience awards at the 20th International Solo-Dance-Theater Festival in Stuttgart in 2016, 1st prize in the Choreographic Competition of the Warsaw Dance Platform in...


8th Gdańsk Dance Festival: Solo Dance Contest 2016 preselection and finale

The Solo Dance Contest remains a regular feature of the Gdańsk Dance Festival programme, and is increasingly appreciated by the European dance community. The audience will be one of the four members of its jury. This international project gains more and more significance in the European dance community. This year, the competition attracted 60 entries from 30 dancers, including seven Poles (and even one local female dancer). The jury includes: Gun Lund (Sweden), a choreographer and dancer, one of the pioneers of Swedish contemporary dance; Hanna Raszewska (Poland), a critic and Dance Theory lecturer; and Dam Van Huynh, a choreographer and...


Calgary, Canada: Maciej Kuźmińskis pieces presented as part of the Identities evening

Melissa Monteros and Wojciech Mochniej (W&M Physical Theatre) are pleased to invite everyone to a cyclical Polish showcase presented as part of the Pro Series Festival at the University of Calgary (Canada). On 26-27 January 2018 at 8 pm at Matthews Theatre (210 University Ct NW, AB T2N 4V8) Maciej Kuźmiński will show 2 pieces: Difference and Dominique (performed by Dominik Więcek). Dominique has been awarded with numerous prizes and honourable mentions in Poland and abroad, including: 1st Prize (EUR 2,000), the Critics? Award, and the special Aleksander Izailovski Award for ?inventive artistic voice.?; 2nd Award and Scapino Production Award at the 30th International Choreographic Competition in Hannover, Germany (2016);...


Warsaw: “Not only falling leaves swirl in the autumn” second leg of the 10th Zawirowania International Dance Theatre Festival

The 10th Zawirowania International Dance Theatre Festival comes in two instalments. The summer one featured mostly international acts, while the autumn part focuses on Polish productions, with a few foreign guests coming down to Warsaw as well. The festival will open with Tierra, a piece by Daniel Abreu, fascinating Spanish choreographer, who grew to become Zawirowania's landmark. Israel is another country whose representatives are also frequent guests of the festival. This time we will see the duo of Ido Tadmor and Elwira Piorun in Rust and Engagé, choreographies by Tadmor and UK's Rachel Erdos never before shown in Poland. A...

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