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Stanisław Moniuszko Grand Theatre in Poznań: Tomasz Kajdańskis Anna Karenina to premiere in May

Rodion Shcherdin?s ballet on the story of Anna Karenina, the woman who challenged her destany, will be premiere on 13 May (7 pm) at the Stanisław Moniuszko Grand Theatre in Poznań. The piece was choreographed by Tomasz Kajdański, director of the ballet companies at the Grand Theatre in Poznań and Anhaltischen Theater in Dessau. The stage design and costumes were created by Dorin Gal, freelancer and regular collaborator of such theatres as Deutche Oper Berlin and Teatro Communale Firenze. The musical director of the piece is Katarzyna Tomala.   The organisers would also like to invite everyone to the pre-premiere...


Meeting of the 2014 Polish Dance Platform Artistic Commission minutes

Based on the Rules and Regulations of the Polish Dance Platform (PPT), the Artistic Commission of the Polish Dance Platform 2014 met at the Institute of Music and Dance in Warsaw on 8-9 September 2014 to select performances to be presented at the 2014 Polish Dance Platform.   The panel's members were as follows: 1. Katarzyna Gardzina 2. Magdalena Hajdysz 3. Witold Jurewicz 4. Adam Kamiński 5. Marcin Maćkiewicz 6. Jadwiga Grabowska (Majewska) 7. Iwona Olszowska 8. Hanna Strzemiecka 9. Izabela Szymańska   The Artistic Commission chose 13 out of 95 performances submitted to be presented at the Polish Dance...


Warsaw: Obsessions ballet evening to premiere in a weeks time

Already in a week?s time, the Polish National Ballet (PBN) will premiere a new ballet evening. On 29 March Teatr Wielki ? Polish National Opera will host the debut of Obsessions which brings together Krzysztof Pastor?s new choreography Adagio & Scherzo, a revival of his Moving Rooms, and Emil Wesołowski?s Returning waves. Moving Rooms was originally part of  the Echoes of Time evening; its inclusion in Obsessions is not the first time that the PBN has taken a part of a large-scale ballet evening and adapted it for a small stage to be presented in a more intimate atmosphere. The...

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