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Silesian Dance Theatre

The Silesian Dance Theatre was founded in 1991 in Bytom. Since its inception, the institution has been run by Jacek Łumiński – choreographer, dancer, teacher, currently also dean of the Bytom’s Faculty of Dance Theatre at the L. Solski State Drama School (PWST) in Cracow. Currently the group consists of ten dancers, there were nine of theme initially and this number was changing over the years. In 2013 the Silesian Dance Theater was closed down. In place of it a new institution was established  – the ROZBARK Bytom Dance and Movement  Theatre. ROZBARK is looking to collaborate with the widest...

Maat Festival

Maat Festival was launched in 2009 by Tomasz Bazan, leader of Lublin’s Maat Projekt Theatre, to showcase the latest Polish and foreign explorations on movement. It gave stage to projects oscillating around performance art and using body language or forms connected with it. The festival’s presentations were often in opposition to commonly accepted canons and standards, while they strived to act as a continuation of the avant-garde.   In 2009-2012 the festival concentrated on making Polish audiences familiar with artists who are no strangers to risks and have their own, original language of artistic expression. Special emphasis was also put on...

Zawirowania Dance Cantre

Zawirowania Dance Centre is a place for both professional and amateur dancers. There is a great choice of workshops, training sessions and regular classes where anyone can find something for themselves. There are classes of contemporary and classical dance, floorwork, and body condition. Contributors to the centre include Elwira Piorun, Karolina Kroczak, Tomas Nepsinsky, Korina Kordova, Bartosza Figurski, Szymon Osiński. Regular classes are accompanied by weekend workshops run by dancers from various Polish cities and original profi-training series devised by different instructors for to professional dancers.

CENTRUM W RUCHU (Centre in Motion)

CENTRUM W RUCHU (Centre in Motion) is an association of choreographers. For a long time now we have been gaining experiences, educating ourselves, and lately also developing our own artistic paths in Poland and abroad. CENTRUM W RUCHU is our reaction to the situation we face, the lack of institutions where we could develop our work, namely create shows and organise workshops. Despite our different interests and artistic languages, we have decided to get together to make a change. CENTRUM W RUCHU proposes a new model for artistic work organisation. It has been founded and managed by the artists themselves -...

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