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Polish Dance Theatre: Announcement of results of the competition for the realisation of the “Wieczory Dziadowskie: cz.3”

We are pleased to announce the results of the competition for the realisation of the "Wieczory Dziadowskie: cz. 3" [Forefathers' Eves, vol. 3] premiere. The jury comprised by Iwona Pasińska (director), Adriana Mikołajczak (deputy director), Anna Królica (programme curator), Regina LIssowska-Postaremczak (PR specialist) and Andrzej Kryczka (specialist for the dissemination of performances) evaluated a vast number of applications. The submitted and presented concepts were original and valuable, posing considerable difficulty to the selection panel. Upon extensive deliberation, the jury decided to invite two authors representingtwo different visions to develop the project produced at the Polish Dance Theatre. The two artists...


Poznań/Short Waves Festival 2017: Dances with Camera short dance film competition

On 21-22 of March Dances with Camera will take place in Poznań as part of the Short Waves Festival 2017. This is an international competition for short films whose common denominators are dance, movement, and broadly defined physical expression. The competition is open to dance films, regardless of style and genre. Also welcome in the selection are documentaries and experimental forms combining various genres of film, visual arts, and media.   The two days of Dances with Camera 2017 competition presentations will feature screenings of two sets of films, whose common language involves dance, movement, and broadly defined physical expression....


Poznań/Short Waves Festival 2018: Announcement of the results of the open call for the Dances with Camera competition

The 10th edition of the Short Waves Festival is coming soon. One of the festival staples is the international short films competition Dances with Camera which showcases dance and movement shorts from around the world, which introduce the audience to the unlimited potential of physical expression communicated with cinematic narratives and presented using various forms and genres, from feature films through documentaries, animations, experimental projects and choreographic impressions.   The 2018 Dances With Camera programme includes 23 films from 14 countries. Upon weeks of careful consideration, the curator of the competition, Regina Lissowska-Postaremczak selected the competition entries, which will be assessed by...

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