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“Sweet Mambo” Tanztheater Wuppertal – the penultimate work by Pina Bausch

Pina Bausch’s body of work is one of the most acclaimed worldwide. As the founder of Tanztheater Wuppertal, Bausch is often credited as the mother of a unique genre of dance and theatre, that conquers almost all who have the fortune to come in touch with it. Over a thirty-six year period Bausch created forty-four full-length works altogether, accompanied in the creation of the pieces by her large ensemble and her steady collaborators. Her attentive observation, unbiased interest, inquisitive eye and an extraordinary aesthetic-sensibility, brought her to produce one masterpiece after another, failing in very few instances.


Warsaw: 100 Years of The Rite of Spring: From Nijinsky to Kozyra at Zachęta Gallery

On Wednesday, 29 May 2013 (6 pm), marking the exact centenary of the world premiere of The Rite of Spring by Igor Stravinsky and Vatslav Nijinsky, which took place in Paris’ Théâtre des Champs Elysées, the Institute of Music and Dance together with the Zachęta National Gallery of Art are presenting an extraordinary evening 100 Years of the Rite of Spring: From Nijinski to Kozyra to be held at the gallery’s multimedia room (pl. Małachowskiego 3, entrance from ul. Burschego) The programme features screenings of dance productions inspired by The Rite from Piana Bausch and Tero Saarinen, along with Katarzyna Kozyra’s...


Gdańsk: Results of Residency/Premiere 2015 call

 The Residency/Premiere 2015 programme is part of the Gdańsk Dance Festival. Three projects (two solo pieces and one trio) will be developed at Club Żak between February and April 2015. Selected artists will receive funding to produce their projects ? PLN 3000 for a solo and PLN 8000 zł for a trio ? as well as technical assistance from sound and lighting experts, pre-premiere promotion support, rehearsal space, and the chance to participate in two-week mentoring sessions with Gundula Peuthert (the trio) and Helena Jonsdottir (soloists). The programme is sponsored by the City of Gdańsk. This year's call attracted 17...


Gdańsk: Residency/Premiere 2015 Walkowiak, Nowak & Grzeczka “Pozostańmy in touch”

On Sunday, 1 March (7 pm) Gdańsk's Club Żak (ul. Grunwaldzka 195/197) presents the premiere of the first piece developed as part of Residency/Premiere 2015, the residency programme for young choreographers. Pozostańmy in touch is a creation of the dancing trio of Julia Walkowiak, Daria Nowak, and Maja Grzeczka, who were coached by Gundula Peuthert. The artists will meet the audience after the show.   About the piece: People are connected to the web, that is how we obtain information, enter into relationships, organise our lives. Nowadays almost everybody handles most things on the Internet or by phone: that is...


The choreographer André Gingras passed away

With sadness we report that at the age of 46 the choreographer André Gingras passed away. He suffered from an agressive form of colon cancer. Gingras began his activities as a choreographer in the Netherlands in 1999. After an extensive career in dance and theatre, his desire to explore a highly physical and visual language began to manifest itself. His exploration of movement finds its inspiration in martial arts, freerunning, the physical symptoms related to specific medical conditions, and in post-modern dance and theatre. His desire is to interface dance with the visual and digital arts and to engage audiences...


Lublin: Barbara Bujakowskas residency as part of maat festival border line

From 30 September to 11 October Lublin is hosting another artist-in-residence participating in “maat festival – border line 2013”, an all-year-round programme dedicated to soloist dancers. This time the guest is Barbara Bujakowska, dancer and choreographer, who authored a very-well received piece 3D-ance. Here is what she said about her work at Maat Studio in Lublin:   ID-ance is in a way a follow-up on the idea that accompanied me when I worked on 3Dance with composer Marcin Janus in 2009. This time round the piece is going to be based on pure movement, performed here and now, representing nothing but itself....


Cracow/Poznań: Presentations of Raimund Hoghe’s piece about Judy Garland

Raimund Hoghe is visiting Poland in January. He will show his work An Evening with Judy twice: on 15 January at Cracow's Cricoteca (7 pm; ul. Nadwiślańska 2-4) and 18 January at Poznań's Old Brewery (7 pm; ul. Półwiejska 42). The choreographer will be joined on stage by Takashi Ueno.   Raimund Hoghe?s new solo piece An Evening with Judy continues his series of singer portraits. The starting point of his latest work is the iconic American singer and actress, Judy Garland. She began her career as a child star but died at the age of 47 from an overdose...


16th International Body/Mind Festival features time as its main theme

The 16th International Body/Mind Festival  ? a festival of the art of dance and performance  ? will take place in two instalments (summer, 11-12 July, presentations of Jérôme Bel?s Gala; autumn, 29 September-10 October). The main theme of this year?s edition is time, a concept of great difficulty despite its simplicity, as described by Edyta Kozak, artistic director of the festival, during this year?s press conference. The festival will invite visitors to discover various ways in which time functions, as well as the methods used by performers and audiences to establish their relations with time, and the ways in which...


Münster: Polish Dance Theatre and bodytalk to premiere their new piece SOLIDARITOT i Solidar-noc

The Polish Dance Theatre of Poznań and bodytalk of Münster are pleased to invite everyone to the German premiere of their new piece SOLIDARITOT I Solidar-noc, which will take place on 12-13 December at 8 pm. The premiere will be hosted by Theater im Pumpenhaus in Münster (Gartenstraße 123).   About the piece:   With reference to the latest life disturbances, the Polish Dance Theatre of Poznań (Poland) and bodytalk of Münster (Germany) wish to contemplate the following question: what does it mean to us all?   August 1980 saw the beginning of the Polish summer of love. Children couldn?t...


The Jury of the International Solo Dance Contest 2019 in Gdansk has been announced

?Solo Dance Contest 2019? is an international contest for a short contemporary dance solo. The Contest will be held during 11. Gdansk Dance Festival between 10-14th June 2019. For four days, the audience will have the opportunity of watching professional dancers and dance school students perform their solos. The Jury will first choose the finalists, and then on the 14th June the winners will be announced. In the Contest there are to be 3 prizes: 1st prize: 3.000 EUR, 2nd prize: 2.000 EUR and 3rd prize: 1.000 EUR. Also theaudience will have a chance to choose their favourite solo and...

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