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Komuna//Warszawa: Agata Siniarska launches the series “Future of the Body”

From Friday, 5 June to Sunday, 7 June (7 pm) Komuna//Warszawa (ul. Lubelska 30/32) will be presenting the first event of a new series, Przyszłość ciała (The Future of the Body) developed by choreographer, performer, and director Agata Siniarska, and curated by Marta Keil.   About the project: In her latest project [?], Agata Siniarska, an outcome of choreographic and cybernetic experiments, returns from a future where there are no deadlines, open calls, grants, and networkings. In the course of three nights at Komuna//Warszawa, she will share with the audience her experience of working on the international dance scene from...

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