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Zdjęcie: Aleksander (Alexandr Miedwiediew (Medvedev)

Fot. z archiwum Teatru Wielkiego w Łodzi.

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Alexandr Medvedev is a soloist of the ballet of the Grand Theatre in Łódź. He graduated from the Novosibirsk Ballet School in 1990. He joined the Grand Theatre in Łódź in 1999. Since then he has performed as Abel in Eternal Songs, The Devil in Carmina burana, Polonius in Hamlet (Ballet Triptych), Minister of War in King Matt the First, Friend in Zbłąkany, Franz’s Friend in Coppélia, Hilarion’s Companion in Giselle, Mother in The Nutcracker, Step-sister in Cinderella, Karol’s Father and Spy in The Promised Land, Fiancé in Contact, and  Sleepy in Snow White.





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