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Zdjęcie: Bartosz Figurski

Bartosz Figurski, Fot. z materiałów Teatru Tańca Zawirowania,

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Bartosz Figurski – actor, dancer. He studied at the Ludwik Solski State Drama School in Cracow/Faculty of Dance Theatre in Bytom. He took part in graduation performances of the Department: Shakespeare’s Hamlet directed by Cezary Tomaszewski and Jan Peszek (2010) and Everything sleep’s awal choreographed by Joe Alter (2010). He obtained a certificate of professional dancer from Polish Stage Artists Association (ZASP), officially recognized by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.

Currently he is a dancer of Zawirowania Dance Theatre and co-author of its choreographies: Po godzinach (2007), Innocent When You Dream (2009) and Chopin Ambiente (2009, Polish part). He also performed in a choreography created for Zawirowania Theatre by Daniel Abreu: Fuera de campo (2010).

Recently, he has performed (as an actor) at Entertainment Theatre (TR) in Chorzów, in the performance by Monika Strzępka Położnicach szpitala św. Zofii (2011) and (as a dancer) in the opera Medeamaterial by Pascal Dusapin (based on Heiner Müller’s drama), directed by Barbara Wysocka and choreographed by Tomasz Wygoda (Teatr Wielki – Polish National Opera in Warsaw, 2012).

In 1999–2007 he was a soloist in the Musical Theatre ROMA in Warsaw where he performed in the most important musicals, including Crazy For You (directed by Wojciech Kępczyński, choreography by Janusz Józefowicz, 1999) and Peter Pan (directed and choreographed by Janusz Józefowicz, 2000), Grease (directed by Wojciech Kępczyński, choreography by Jacek Badurek, 2002,) Cats (part of Mangojerry; directed by Wojciech Kępczyński, choreography by Jacek Badurek, 2004), Dance of the Vampires (directed by Roman Polański and choreography by D. Callahan (vocal and dance swing, 2005) and Akademia Pana Kleksa (directed by Wojciech Kępczyński, choreography by Jacek Badurek, Iwona Runowska, 2007).

His works include many other musical and dance performances, including Fame (directed by Wojciech Kępczyński, Jana Kochanowski Popular (Powszechny) Theatre Radom, 1997 ), Gorączka (directed by Wojciech Kościelniak, choreography by Jarosław Staniek, CAPITOL Musical Theatre in Wrocław, 2003), Chorus Line (directed by Mitzi Hamilton, choreography by Michael Bennet, CAPITOL Musical Theatre in Wrocław, 2008), Tango Operita: szare kwiaty (directed and choreographed by Jaroslaw Staniek, Syrena Theatre in Warsaw, 2006) or Dancing (directed by Krystyna Janda, choreography by Jarosław Staniek, PoloniaTheatre in Warsaw, 2008).

He collaborated with outstanding choreographers: Daniel Abreu, Joe Alter, Nigel Charnock (DV8), Emil Wesołowski, Ryan Francois and others. He took part in many festivals of contemporary dance in Poland and aboard; he performed in the UK, the USA, Japan, China, Spain, the Czech Republic and Russia, to name a few. He co-created the choreography of the TV series Tancerze.

He gives classes of contemporary and jazz dance at Maciej Pawłowski Muscial School and Workshop Musical Academy in Warsaw. As a teacher, Figurski also gives classes of contemporary, jazz and physical dance.

Bartosz Figurski (po lewej) w spektaklu Innocent When You Dream Teatru Tańca Zwirowania. Fot. z materiałów zespołu.
Bartosz Figurski w spektaklu IFuera de campo Teatru Tańca Zwirowania, chor. Daniel Abreu.. Fot. Maciej Dyczak.
Bartosz Figurski, Fot. z materiałów Teatru Tańca Zawirowania,





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