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Ewa Hubar

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Ewa Hubar  dancer, choreographer, performer, cultural anthropologist, animator of culture.


She graduated from the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń, majoring in cultural anthropology and international relations, and from the Akademi for Musik, Dans & Theater in Copenhagen, where she majored in dance theatre. Hubar then studied with Iwona Olszowska in Cracow, taking part in a number of contemporary dance, improvisation, contact improvisation, and performance art and choreography workshops and festivals in Poland and abroad, where she worked with renowned teachers and artists such as Christine de Smedt, David Zambrano, Yaniv Mintzer, Claudia Dias, Eszter Gal, Vincent Colomes, Tony Orrico, Mala Kline, Isabelle Schad, Maria Stokłosa, Mrten Spnberg, Peter Player, and many others.


As part of the Dance Moves Cities project, which she presented at the Cracow Theatrical Reminiscences 2014, Hubar collaborated with Vera Mantero, Koen Augustijn, and Philip Blanchard. She also cooperated with Isabelle Schad, performing in Collective Jumps (produced by Art Stations Foundations by Grażyna Kulczyk/Stary Browar Nowy Taniec 2014).


She has implemented several dance and culture projects in Cracow and Białystok. In Cracow, she has co-created Stowarzyszenie To.pole, and in Białystok she has collaborated with the Białystok Cultural Centre as organizer and program coordinator of Modern Art Days. In 2014, she was awarded a scholarship of the Stary Browar Alternative Dance Academy in Poznań.


2011 saw Hubar implement her original interdisciplinary research project Anthropology of Embodiment. Theory and practice, prepared in cooperation with Tomasz Foltyn, Radharani Pernačič, the Jagiellonian University, and the Ethnographic Museum in Cracow. The laboratory was intended as a way to search and establish connections between theoretical and practical knowledge within two different, but mutually complementary disciplines cultural anthropology and performing arts, which both refer to the human body as a chief means of expressions. Focusing on the improved understanding and utilization of our knowledge on the above psychosomatic processes, collective or individual kinetic activities, manifestations of the human body in the cultural context, the project provided a unique platform for exchange and cooperation between performing artists and cultural anthropologists, philosophers, and sociologists.


In her dance-, choreography-, and performance-related research, Hubar focuses on the body, its movement, cultural and political contexts which determine it and define the relation between the body and mind. She is interested in the obscure meanings generated by a moving body, and by the literal and everyday aspects of these meanings, as well as their formal interplay and the transcendence of formal, stylistic, and normative confines they entail. Her research is centered around dance, performance, choreography, and visual arts, particularly on the flexible fringes of stable forms and disciplines. Hubar is fascinated by what occurs at these very points of contact, by the concept of experience as a form of embodiment which takes place here and now on stage, in a workshop room, and in life.


Her practice and kinetic development has been informed by such techniques as Body Mind Centering, improvisations, release techniques, yoga, Thai massage, and close observation of dancing non-dancers.


She is the founder of Kiosk Ruchu, an educational platform which facilitates the transfer of experience and skills between people.!o-mnie/c1aoy

Ewa Hubar w „Collective Jumps” Isabelle Schad. Fot. Jakub Wittchen dla Art Stations Foundation by Grażyna Kulczyk.
Ewa Hubar w „Collective Jumps” Isabelle Schad. Fot. Jakub Wittchen dla Art Stations Foundation by Grażyna Kulczyk.
Fot. Olga Andrynowska.
Fot. Janusz Ratecki.
Fot. Piotr Cierebiej.
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