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Zdjęcie: Irena Lipińska

Irena Lipińska, Line. Fot. z archiwum Maat Festival.

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Irena Lipińskais a dancer, performer, choreographerand photographer. She honed her dance skills studying with a range of prominent contemporary dancers and choreographers (including Meg Stuart, Chris Haring, Jonathan Burrows, David Zambrano, Keith Hennessy, Ann Van den Broeck) and butoh artists (e.g. Daisuke Yoshimoto, Yoshito Ohno, Ko Murobushi, Mitsuyo Uesugi and Nakajima Natsu). She received a scholarship from the Alternative Dance Academy in Poznań (2011) and was a resident of Solo Project, a residency programme for young choreographers run by the Art Stations Foundation in Poznań, the outcome of which was her solo titled DNACE, developed under the artistic supervision of dancer Ornella Balestra and visual artist Luca Giacomo Schulte, permanent collaborators of Raimund Hoghe. She also took part in an internship programme of Teatr ZAR (2010) and Anatoly Vassiliev’s research seminar on acting techniques (2011). She completed a course on stage choreography, obtaining a diploma from Artystyczna Alternatywa [Artistic Alternative] in Kraków.

She carried out a research and educational project on female dance in Japan (2011), which was supported by the Grotowski Institute. Her solo pieces include: hydrohypno, line, Kompilacje [Compilations], DNACE (Solo Project 2011), dwa na jeden, LU2077.

In 2013 Lipińska received a scholarship from the Polish Minister of Culture and National Heritage.

She collaborates with contemporary music artists and new media artists. She delivers dance and movement classes, also to children and adults with mental disorders and physical disabilities.

Artistic work:



dwa na jeden(2012)
Kompilacje(Compilations, 2011)




Collaborations with musicians:
Gerard Lebik: Kompilacje, improvisations as part of Free Body Music, music for line
Indigo Tree:hydrohypno,DNACE
Boar Sleeping:LU2077
Kuba Suchar, Slug Duo:line

Collaborations with new media artists:

Patryk Kizny (Lookie creative), 2010 – she designed and performed the choreographic score for the film Rebirth.
Paweł Janicki (, 2012 – an artistic and educational project of the National Audiovisual Institute titled ArtKod: Processing | PROCESSING I KINECTwith the use of Kinect
2013 – joint workshop titled sBodyas part of the Medialab 2013 in Opole, beginning of the work on !GROT! project.


Irena Lipińska, fot. z archiwum artystki.
Fot.Kailai Chen.
Fot.Kailai Chen.
Irena Lipińska, DNACE, fot. Kalai Chen.
Irena Lipińska, DNACE, fot. Kalai Chen.
Irena Lipińska, Line. Z archiwum Maat Festival.
Irena Lipińska, DNACE.
Irena Lipińska, Line. Fot. z archiwum Maat Festival.
Irena Lipińska, Line. Fot. z archiwum Maat Festival.
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