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Jadwiga Majewska

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Jadwiga Grabowska (publishes as Jadwiga Majewska) – is a freelance dance critic and theoretician but she also writes about theatre, fine arts and religion. She holds MA in religious studies from Jagiellonian University, Krakow, where specialized in modern art. She publishes mostly in Didaskalia and Teatr, and collaborates with TVP-Kultura. She has experience in working for The National Museum in Krakow, American theatre in Chicago, art restoration, and as a director manager of charity foundation. She is also active workshops’ leader and lectures on dance at the Jagiellonian University.

Co-author of first in the history “The Report on Dance in Poland” (for the Ministry of Culture) and author of the book (in English) on current Polish dance scene The Body Revolving the Stage. New Dance in New Poland (2011). She does editing works and publishes articles popularizing contemporary dance. Engaging her time to be jury member of festivals and dance contests, moderator, dramaturge, curator. She is recently working as a curator and moderator of some international and EU artistic and educational projects, curator of The Festival of Contemporary Dance KRoki (STEPS) in Krakow. Born in Krakow she resides there mostly but she had her home also in: London, Rome, Chicago, Seattle; Buffalo.

As a Polish Ministry of Culture fellow 2011 she edited two anthologies of dance writings: Polish and international (to be published in 2013). She is currently working on translation of “Terpsichore in Sneakers” by Sally Banes into Polish. She is editor of the new series of dance books in PWM publishing House.

She is co-founder of Open Forum of Dance Communities. She is a member of the Council for Dance Program of The National Institute of Music and Dance and member of Dance Critics Association and Congress of Research in Dance. She is an author and curator of MAKT (Mobile Academy of Dance Criticism), first and the only one of that kind in Poland.

Jadwiga Majewska
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