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Kalina Porazińska

  • dancer
  • choreographer
Zdjęcie: Kalina Porazińska

Kalina Porazińska. Archiwum Sopockiego Teatru Tańca

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Kalina Porazińska is a dancer, choreographer, and dance educator. A graduate of the Academy of Music in Łódź, where she majored in choreography and dance techniques, she also completed a Qualified Dance Instructor Course in Bydgoszcz, with a specialization in street dance styles.

In 2019, Porazińska founded and became the choreographer of the Movement Collective Studio. Since 2014, she has collaborated with the Sopot Dance Theater, where she has developed more than a dozen group performances and one solo piece, including: Bajadera (La Bayadère), Poland’s first contemporary ballet for fun, directed by Joanna Czajkowska; Essentia, directed by Jacek Krawczyk; Coś pięknego (Something Beautiful), directed by Jacek Krawczyk; Jak uprawiać, żeby wyszło (How to Practice Successfully), directed and choreographed by Joanna Czajkowska; Przedmiot nieocenionej wartości (Object of Inestimable Value), directed by Joanna Czajkowska; Lechistan Pany Arka, directed by Joanna Czajkowska; Dyskretny Urok Picassa (Picasso’s Discreet Charm), directed by Jacek Krawczyk; Ostatnie piętro (Last Floor), directed by Joanna Czajkowska; Rambert. Tryptych (Rambert: A Triptych), directed by Joanna Czajkowska, Anna Akabali, Małgorzata Dzierżon.

Since 2015, Porazińska has also pursued her career as an independent artist, collaborating on a range of productions developed in Poland and abroad. She conducts regular classes and workshops in contemporary dance techniques, jazz and improvisation. A participant in the prestigious Deltebre Dansa Festival 2016 and Summer Intensive 2017, she was a laureate of the residency/premiere program run by the Gdańsk Dance Festival. In 2018, she danced in the international performance Nexus, directed and choreographed by Helder Seabra.

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