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Kamila Maik

  • dancer
  • choreographer
Zdjęcie: Kamila Maik

Na zdjęciu: Kamila Maik. Fot. Anna Kłosowska

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Kamila Maik is a graduate of the State Ballet School in Gdańsk. From an early age, she danced on the stages of the Baltic Opera and the Baltic Philharmonic in Gdańsk. A certified modern, ballet, and character dancer, she is also a passionate practitioner of acrobatics, which helps her boost her strength and strive for ever greater excellence in her beloved contemporary dance. She is also no stranger to all strands of Movement, Animal Flow and Organic Dance.

In 2018, Maik was presented with the Sopot Muse Award for Young Artists. She loves taking her dance outside of the training studio, engaging in numerous video production collaborations as a dancer and choreographer, and regularly contributing to the Tri-City dance scene. Since 2015, she has been affiliated with the Sopot Dance Theater, where she has developed such productions as Przedmiot Nieocenionej Wartości (Object of Inestimable Value), Lechistan Pany Arka, Melancolia and Dyskretny urok Picassa (Picasso’s Discreet Charm).

In 2019-2020, Maik collaborated with the Mololo Collective, with whom she co-produced the street performances Czerwony Kapturek w Gotik Stajlu (Little Red Riding Hood Gothic Style) and #M19. She currently runs her own studio, Takie Studio Tańca, where she works with young dancers and helps them pursue their passion for dance. She loves witnessing the growth and hard work of her dancers. In her career as educator, she has already taken an entire generation of instructors under her wing.

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