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Zdjęcie: Karolina Kroczak

Fot. Kasia Chmura-Cegiełkowska.

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Karolina   Kroczak dancer,   choreographer, teacher. She graduated in Polish studies (culture theory) at   the University of Warsaw. She has worked, as a dancer and choreographer, in   Zawirowania Dance Theatre. She has worked with the group since 2006 she has   taken part in the following performances: Nic tylko błękit, Chopin   Ambiente, Innocent when you dream, Fuera de Campo by Daniel   Abreu). Performances were choreographed jointly and directed by Włodzimierz   Kaczkowski. Since last year, individual choreographies have been also created   among others the last premiere of Zawirowania Theatre, Tropiciele   (2011), with choreography and idea by Karolina Kroczak. The performance was   created in conjunction with Egurrola Dance Studio and with participation of   young dancers attending the Studio.


In   20052007, she participated in an educational project of the Silesian Dance   Theatre (the project School of Performing Arts). She collaborated with such   artists as: Jaro Vinarsky, Hilke Diemer, Georg Blaschke, Juan de Torres,   Daniel Abreu. In 2006 she created her own dance performance for children in   Komedia Theatre in Warsaw. She was also a choreographer of the 5th   Edition of TV show You Can Dance po prostu tańcz; in 2010, she created,   as a choreographer and second director, a performance with dancers of   Dancing with the stars Lady Fosse in Capitol Theatre in Warsaw.


 She   is also a dancer and teacher of many dance techniques and physical methods,   i.e. contemporary dance, physical   modern, release modern, pilates. She runs  workshops for all levels.





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