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Zdjęcie: Katarzyna Kania

Fot. Piotr Wyszomirski.

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Katarzyna Kania  dancer, choreographer. A graduate of the Ludwik Solski State Theatre School in Cracow, Dance Theatre Department in Bytom, she has furthered her musical, dancing, and acting education by participating in international theater and dance workshops in Poland and abroad (including such events as Deltebre Dansa, Dada Hub, Polish Contemporary Dance Workshops, and the Dei Due Mondi Festival). Starting 2012, she has been a founding member of the Polish-German theater and dance group little: interference, whose pieces have been presented at a number of international festivals (Germany, Russia, Hungary). Kania danced in Jacek Łumińskis Święto wiosny 100 lat później [Rite of Spring… 100 years ago today] (coproduced with Kwadrofonik and the Lublin Dance Theatre), and Kocham tylko i wyłącznie całym sercem nie-rozłącznie Madgalenę [Magdalena only, with my whole heart, never apart from Magdalena] and studied at the Kibbutzim College of Education in Tel Aviv and the VSMU in Bratislava. She worked as professor Jerzy Stuhrs assistant and co-author of choreography to the diploma performance of Ubu Roi ou les Polonais at the Ludwik Solski State Theatre School Department of Dance, for which she won a prize awarded by the Board of the Stanisław Wyspiański Stage Foundation Board. Kania also assisted Belgian choreographer Jens Van Daele in Working title Ego.


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