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Zdjęcie: Kornelia Lech

Photo: Andrzej Grabowski

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Kornelia Lech graduated from the Olga Sławińska-Lipczyńska Secondary Ballet School in Poznań. A finalist of the 16th Wojciech Wiesiołłowski National Dance Competition in   Gdańsk, she developed her dance technique on an internship dedicated to Limóns technique and organised by the Embassy of the USA and the Limón Institute (New York), as well as during the International Contemporary Dance Workshops in Poznań, among others. She took part in GaGa technique workshops held by Yoshifumi Inao and Noa Paran of the Batsheva Dance Company (twice). As a student of ballet   school, she held stage internships at the Grand Theatre in Poznań    performances Faust, Pan Twardowski and Romeo and Juliet (choreographed by Emil Wesołowski). She also performed at the concerts of the Amadeus Chamber Orchestra of the Polish Radio.


In the 2010/2011 season she joined the Polish Dance Theatre. She has worked with such choreographers as Ohad Naharin, Jo Strmgren and Yoshiko Waki, as well as other artists, among others with Jan Komasa (Xenophony: A Symphony for the Other), Maciej Mankowski, Szymon Brodziak. She has performed in Minus 2 (choreographed by Ohad Naharin), B@ttle between carnival and lent, Meetings in two unfulfilled acts, Footb@ll, XL. Polish Dance Theatre Yesterday and Today. Episode II: 1977-80: Krzesany and other dances and Wish You Were Here (choreographed by Ewa Wycichowska), The Outline (choreographed by Karolina Wyrwał), Desert (choreographed by Paulina Wycichowska), The Unknown Niewiadoma (Paweł Malicki), Public Space (choreographed by Karol Miękina) and Forty (choreographed by Jo Strmgren).







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