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Zdjęcie: Magdalena Reiter

Modus vivendi. Fot. z archiwum artystki.

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Magdalena Reiter – choreographer and dancer. She graduated from the State Ballet School in Gdańsk (1987–1996) and PARTS (Performing Arts Research and Training Studios) of Anna Teresa de Keersmaker in Brussels (1996–1999). Since 2002 she has lived and worked in Ljubljana (Slovenia). In 1999–2003 she collaborated with Dada von Bzdülöw Theatre from Gdańsk (she took part in Apartament no 7, Dialogus in conventione). As a dancer, she has worked with Avi Kaiser, Johanne Saunier, Mateja Bučar, Matjaž Farič, Goran Bogdanovski, Brane Potočan and other artists.

As a theatre choreographer, she worked with a Belgian theatre group De Tijd on a performance La Maladie de la Mort and an opera Die Entführung aus dem Paradies in the Vlaamse Opera. She has collaborated with a Slovene director Mateja Koleżnik.

She created the following choreographies: Wszystkie apropos, W błogosławionym nawiasie, Uwaga, Forma interrogativa, Moment – studium zatrzymanego czasu, Solo, Heksamiton, Insomnia, 36,5°C for the Polish Dance Theatre – Poznań Ballet, Modus vivendi. These performances were presented in Poland (among others as part of Gdańsk Dance Corporation, International Contemporary Dance Festival Body/Mind, International Dance Theatre Festival in Poznań), Slovenia, Belgium, France, the UK, the Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, Croatia, Albania and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Her choreographies were rewarded at international events. At the Moving Cake 2nd Slovene Dance Festival 2005 Forma interrogativa was rewarded by an international jury. Moment − studium zatrzymanego czasu was rewarded at the 7th Teaterfest Festival in Sarajevo.

Reiter was twice nominated for “Povodni mož” Award for the best contemporary dance performance in Slovenia: in 2003 for choreography of Forma interrogativa and in 2004 for Moment − studium zatrzymanego czasu.

She is a teacher, running contemporary dance workshops and classes in SEAD in Salzburg as well as in other places and countries (Ghent, Avignon, Ljubljana, Gdańsk, Poznań).

Fot. z archiwum artystki.
Modus vivendi. Fot. z archiwum artystki.
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