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Marek Zadłużny is a choreographer and educator. He holds a PhD in dance theory and is a dance diploma from ZASP, a union of Polish performing artists, recognised by the Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage. He graduated in culture and sport promotion from the University of Zielona Góra, Poland, and was awarded a scholarship to study at Oslo University College.


He is an active promoter and researcher of dance culture. He has published on dance teaching and is a lecturer on contemporary dance forms at his alma mater, where he collaborates with Alexandr Azarkevitch and Paweł Matyasik. He has also designed stage movement for dramatic theatre (e.g. for Three Pigs directed by Małgorzata Kozińska, Lubuski Theatre, Zielona Góra) and created a few dozen choreographies and performances oscillating between dance theatre and performance arts.


Zadłużny is strongly involved in the development of amateur art movement, which was the starting point of his career. He collaborates with many groups as choreographer and teaches contemporary dance at international workshops (Berlin, Luxembourg, Tallinn, and Cottbus). He has participated in a range of national and international dance courses. Together with Anna Piotrowska, he co-founded SPACE, a network of dance theatre festivals held in Poland. He is the chairman of Elestewe, a contemporary dance association operating regionally in the Lubuskie province. Zadłużnys development as an artist was strongly influenced by his collaboration with Anna Piotrowska.







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