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Mariola Benesz. Fot. z archiwum artystki.

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Mariola Benesz– dancer, choreographer, certified hatha yoga instructor. A graduate of the University of Wrocław. In 2012 she won a scholarship of Alternative Dance Academy – educational project for professional dancers as part of the programme Old Brewery New Dance (Art Stations Foundation). She works regularly with three dance groups located in Łódź – ALTER Dance Theatre, Pracownia Fizyczna and Kijo. She performed in:Poem of five voicesand Pantingchoreographed by Witold Jurewicz (Alter Dance Theatre, premiere atPonderosa Dance Festival, Stolzenhagen 2009),Shitty Dance Shitty by the same choreographer (Alter Dance Theatre, 2008) as well asAnd what…directed by Jurewicz and created jointly by Benesz and Aleksandra Ścibor (Alter Dance Theatre, 2009). She also participated in Meandring River anda3of Pracownia Fizyczna (choreography by Jacek Owczarek, 2009 and 2010) andMioklonisGrupy Kijo (choreography by Michał Ratajski, 2011) and others.

Benesz also performed in a Tino Seghal’s choregraphy Instead of allowing some Ting to rise up to your face dancing bruce and other things in the Museum of Art in Łódź ms2, as well as in a Rafał Urbacki’s choreography Moover created with the Integration Dance Theatre “Direction” in Bytom (17th International Conference and Performance Festival, 2010).

In 2010, she created, together with Magdalena Paszkiewicz, a choreography for her solo 3D Of Me which took part in the preliminaries of SoloDuo Competition in Warsaw and in 2011 reached the final of this festival in Budapest. During the festival, the authors represented Poland and DK in Łódź.

Mariola Benesz. Fot. z archiwum artystki.





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