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Zdjęcie: Marzena Krzemińska

Marzena Krzemińska "5-7-5- Haiku" Phot. Jakub Wittchen

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Marzena Krzemińska– choreographer and performer who graduated from the SNDO (School for New Dance Development) in Amsterdam and the Theatre Academy in Warsaw where she studied Theatre Science. A main focus in Marzena’s work is to construct work on a high energy level. The tension and explosion of energy are important tools used in her pieces to deconstruct the images, stereotypes and clichés that overwhelm our imagination. Marzena has worked as performer with choreographers like Deborah Hay, Benoit Lachambre and Rob List, as well as choreographer’s assistant with Maria Hassabi in New York and Jeanine Durning in Amsterdam. In 2012 she received a Solo Projekt scholarship awarded by theArt Stations Foundation/Stary Browar Nowy Taniec, as part of which she created5-7-5 HAIKU.

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