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Zdjęcie: Paweł Grala

Na zdjęciu: Stoi Paweł Grala, w spektaklu Pracowni Fizycznej ZDARZENIA. Fot. Marta Ankiersztejn.

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Paweł Grala is a dancer, dance teacher, and improviser. He graduated from the Pedagogical Academy in Łódź, and holds degrees in choreography and dance techniques from the Academy of Music in Łódź, as well as culture studies and culture promotion from the University of Łódź. Since 2009 he works with Jacek Owczareks Pracownia Fizyczna, performing in a3, Re:akcje (Re:actions), Zdarzenia (Happenings), Fajdros, and Soul Project/PL, a choreography by David Zambrano, as well as many other performance actions. Grala has collaborated with other Polish and international choreographers as well, including Rosana Gamson (TOV), Robert Hayden (Oratorium Dance Project), or Ray Chung (the exhibition You come, we’ll show you what we do. On dance improvisation at Muzeum Sztuki in Łódź).


Paweł Grala performs with the Lublin Dance Theatre (hello kitty), Pinokio Puppet and Actor Theatre (The Wizard of Oz; Wszystko sięrusza Everything Moves), Łódź Music Theatre (Fiddler on the Roof, Wonderful Town, All that jazz between us,The Merry Widow); V6Theatre (Aquarius, Nius); Chorea Theatre in Łódź; Warsaws Dramatyczny Theatre (Peer Gynt); Marek Edelman Dialogue Centre (Emisariusz Emissary), Muzeum Sztuki in Łódź, and many other culture institutions in Poland.


The productions have been shown in Lviv, Vienna (Museums Quartier), Stuttgart, Warsaw (Sic! International Dance Improvisation Festival), and Lublin (Contemporary Dance Forum).


He is currently working on a new production with Gdańsk’s Dada von Bzdülöw Theatre.


In his practice, he focuses on improvisation. To further his research and gain new experiences, he launched the Czas Na Nic (Time For Nothing) collective that brings together five artists dealing with dance, music, word, and painting/drawing. The collective has produced a performance entitled 24h.


Paweł Grala runs regular classes on improvisation in Łódź and workshops across Poland.





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