People of dance

Zdjęcie: Sławomir Pietras

Od lewej: Boris Ejfman i Paweł Chynowski. Fot. Juliusz Multarzyński.

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Sławomir Pietras – director of Polish opera theatres, culture manager, publicist, lawyer by education. As a student, he co-founded, and later became the president of the Association of the Poznań Opera’s Friends, a member of the Association of Polish Musical Youth and the vice- president of the Polish Section of Jeunesse Musicale de Pologne. After graduating, he was the deputy director in opera theatres in Bytom, Poznań and Wrocław. He collaborated with Conrad Drzewiecki on creating the Polish Dance Theatre – Poznań Ballet. In 1982 he became the managing director of the Grand Theatre in Łódź and in 1989–1991 he was also the head of the Wrocław Opera. Then, for four seasons, he was the head of the Teatr Wielki in Warsaw and from 1999 till 2009 – the head of the Grand Theatre in Poznań. Moreover, for a short time (2005–2006) he was again the managing director of the Teatr Wielki – Polish National Opera in Warsaw. In all theatres led by him, he organized and ran series of opera and ballet workshops entitled “Opera Viva” (or with other title), i.e. meetings of opera and ballet artists, directors, conductors, composers, choreographers, singers and others with the audience. The organizer, promoter and co-author of ballet festivals and reviews (Łódź Internationl Ballet Festival, Lądek Ballet Summer) and director of the Moniuszko Festival in Kudowa, Ave Maria Festival in Czeladź and the Hoffmannowski Festival in Poznań. As the deputy director of the Polish Dance Theatre and the head of the Teatr Wielki in Warsaw, he supported the publication of “Taniec” Magazine by Paweł Chynowski. The author of the music features published in daily newspapers and weekly magazines. He received the Badge of Merit to Culture, he was awarded the Gold Cross of Merit as well as Knight’s and Officer’s Crosses of the Order of Polonia Restitutia.

Career: Estada Poznań (art director, 1969–1970), Silesian Opera in Bytom (assistant to director, 1970–1971), Wrocław Opera (administration director, 1971–1972), Lower Silesia Operetta in Wrocław (administration director, 1972–1973), Polish Dance Theatre – Poznań Ballet (administration director, 1973–1979), Wrocław Opera (administration director, 1979–1982), Grand Theatre in Łódź (managing and art director, 1982–1991), Wrocław Opera (managing and art director, 1990–1991), Teatr Wielki in Warsaw (managing director, 1991–1995), member of the Culture Council of the President of Poland (1992–1993), Grand Theatre in Poznań (managing director, 1995–2009), Teatr Wielki – Polish National Opera (managing director, 2005–2006).

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