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Zdjęcie: Urszula Parol

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Urszula Parol– she graduated in choreography and dance techniques from the Academy of Music in Łódź and from Pedagogical Studio. She was a member of Laila Arifulina’s ballet studio in Rzeszów, where she participated as an unenrolled student in the contemporary dance instructor course. Currently she studies theatre theory at the University of Łódź. She collaborates with the Tadeusz Łomnicki Nowy Theatre in Poznań. For two years she has collaborated with Łódź w Ruchu. She is a member of Movin’ Łódź association.

Urszula Parol podczas prób do spektaklu TOV w reżyserii Rosanny Gamson. Fot. Kailai Chen.
Urszula Parol i Wojciech łąba w spektaklu Re:akcje Pracowni Fizycznej. Fot. Kailai Chen.





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