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The Chorea Theatre is holding the 3rd International Theatre Festival RETROPERSPECTIVES 2014 to last from 21 to 25 August 2014. The programme includes Chorea?s productions, such as The Ugly or The Brain, or the company?s concert titled Gilgamesh, along with projects developed by other Polish and international artists, representing Belarus, Norway, and Israel. What is more, recognised guests, such as Hanibal Means, (USA/Austria) or members of the Earthfall Theatre (UK), will deliver dance, acting, singing and stage movement workshops. The audience will be treated to Jan Peszek?s latest monodrama Podwójne solo [Double Solo], Teatr Dada von Bzdülöw?s Enclave 4/7, directed by Roberto Olivan, and the Visjoner Theatre?s Hedda Gabler, directed by Juni Dahr. Reaching out to the youngest ones, RETROPERSPECTIVES will present Zwierzątka, małe zwierzenia [Little Animals, Little Confessions] by Paweł Passini and neTTheatre. The festival will also feature Chorea?s new productions, including Z drugiej strony [From The Other Side], directed by Ewgeni Korniag, which is an outcome of a few months of collaboration between Chorea and the Korniag Theatre of Belarus. Rytm języka [The Rhythm of Language], a concert by Tomasz Krzyżanowski, will resound with polyphonic songs sung in different, little known languages. The songs, based on rhythmic structures derived from language, will be sung a capella, solely to the accompaniment of body percussion. Vidomi, directed by Janusz Adam Biedrzycki and produced together with young Łódź-based dancers, featuring blind and visually impaired people, will be shown as part of the Art_Impulses project.


Tomasz Rodowicz, the festival?s director:

?This year?s RETROPERSPECTIVES festival offers, on one hand, a retrospective of the 10 years of the Chorea Theatre?s operations, and on the other, and more importantly, a new perspective on theatre ­? not this particular theatre, or Polish theatre, but theatre at large. This is a perspective that envisages revitalising culture by giving it a new social definition, anchoring artistic efforts in a permanent social context, on different levels of acuteness and abstraction. What makes the festival special among other Polish theatre festival is its focus on projects from the realms of drama, dance and music that share the same agenda, methodology, inclusive approach, and aesthetics, dealing with everything that is the essence of Chorea. This diverse line-up proves that division into dramatic, dance and music theatre no longer makes sense. It has grown to be an artistic anachronism. Theatre can only be alive or dead. Every theatrical piece should use words, music and movement in an equal measure. You may put emphasis on one or the other means of communicating with the audience, but to produce theatre that is robustly alive, you must make the three speak in concert and with the same force.? is a patron of the event.

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