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n 26-28 April the Chorea Theatre is holding workshops called Body Expanded, or WORD, MOVEMENT and RHYTHM in the work of A MUILTIDIMENSIONAL ARTIST. The workshops, to be held at Fabryka Sztuki in Łodź, are addressed to dancers, actors, musicians, singers and drama instructors from all around Poland. Interdisciplinary actor, actor-dancer, actor-musician, actor-performer, collective actor – these are the key concepts which Chorea applies in its method, merging all the skills into one stream of acting competence. The workshops will be devoted to overcoming one’s physical limitations, fighting the fear of intimacy, working with a partner and in a team. Participants will have a chance to apply nonconventional performing solutions. The workshops aim to develop in the participants a multifarious language of expression and non-verbal communication based on novel methods of working with the body, movement, musicality and polyrhythm.

Workshop programme:

Working with body:

– “determined body”- raising body awareness, activating the body, making contact with one’s own body, a partner’s body and a group’s body

– learning to assure and to trust others, creating individual choreographies

– intense physical training using martial arts, dancing techniques, elements of acrobatics and yoga

– discovering body’s limits

Working with voice:

– basic breathing and vocal techniques; learning to use voice freely

– working on activating resonators, voice tone and timbre

– learning polyphonic songs deriving from different traditions, arranged by Chorea’s musicians

Working with rhythm:

– working with uneven rhythm

– complex exercises on coordination and rhythm; creating choreographies based on the

exercises while singing

– working on unified group rhythm and pulse


26 April 2013 (4-8 pm)

27 April 2013 (10 am-6 pm) (2-4 pm: lunch break)

28 April 2013 (10 am 6 pm) ( 2-4 pm: lunch break)

Venue: CHOREA Theatre, Fabryka Sztuki

ul. Tymienieckiego 3, Łódź

Participation fee: 350 PLN


Travel, accommodation and board expenses shall be paid by participants individually.

Organisers provide coffee, tea, water and snacks during the workshops.

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