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From 29 April to 3 May 2015 KIJO presents the 7th FRU Festival ? Polish Contact Improvisation Festival. This time the theme of the event will be the energy! To keep a balance, four of the teacher represent female energy and four are representatives of male energy.



Female energy: Iwona Olszowska, Kama Jankowska, Maga Radłowska, Marysia Stokłosa.

Male energy: Jacek Owczarek, Michal Ratajski, Sebastian Flegiel, Adrian Bartczak.



Sylwia Walczak, Martyna Jagodyńska, Azja Kamińska, Piotr Matula, Witek Rejnsz, Dawid Koniecki, Marcus Saudy, Damian Siuta.


F R U # 7 in numbers:

5 days!

8 teachers!

4 night jams with live music!

8 musicians!

20 hours of jams at a minimum!

2 performance nights!


1 panel discussion about CI! [teachers + guests]

1 evening of video screenings!



Wed., 29 April: Music: Azja Kamińska, Sylwia Walczak, Damian Siuta, Dawid Koniecki.

Thru., 30 April: Music: Marcus Saudy & Martyna Jagodyńska.

Fri. 1 May: Music: “Jan Kowalski” [Piotr Matula & Witek Rejnsz].

Sat., 2 May: Record Cardio JAM: Possibly All FRU Music Stars!


Organization: KIJO

Partners: AOIA, Project Salsa Dance Company, Chorea Theatre, Fabryka Sztuki.


?If you dance physics you dance contact.

If you dance chemistry you are doing something else?.

Steve Paxton (1987)


F e e: 707 PLN (175 EUR)

NOTE: If you pay on or before 15 March the full cost of participating in the festival is 606 PLN (150 EUR).

The price includes: workshops, live music jams, food, accommodation (for the first 20 people), performance nights, video screenings evening, a panel discussion about CI, “RECORD CARDIO JAM”.

(for people from Łódź and those who don?t need accommodation ? 10% off)

(for people who have participated in at least 3 FRU festivals ? 15% off)

(for people who have participated in all 6 FRU festivals ? 100% off)

(for teachers of previous editions of FRU festival ? 50% off)


To secure a place, please send us a complete registration form and a confirmation of the money transfer to

You may download the registration form here:


F R U__F E S T I V A L__R E G U L A T I O N S:


1: FRU festival is fully financed by contributions from participants ? that means you. So in order for the festival to happen, you have to confirm your participation and make a payment. Your place will be secured once you pay the entire participation fee.

2: In the absence of an appropriate number of participants to finance the festival – organizers reserve the right to cancel the festival (and return the fees paid).

3: If you cancel by 20 April, the organizers will return 50% of the festival fee to you. After 20 April, IT WILL NOT BE POSSIBLE – please make well-fought-out decisions!

4: Registration for the FRU Festival requires sending a completed registration form to the following e-mail address of the organizer: and paying the full festival fee to our account (email us, sign up, and we will send you the account number).

5: FRU Festival is intended for persons over 16 years old. If you haven’t come of age yet, you must present your parent’s or guardian’s written consent (providing the number of their identity document and telephone number).

6: The organizer does not provide insurance for participants of the Festival.


FRU Festival supports Polish dance initiative ? your participation matters and supports this idea.


FRU Festival’s mission is to:

>>Raise awareness about the idea and value of contact improvisation as a dance technique.

>>Develop communication and cooperation between Polish contact improvisation teachers.

>>Help maintain high standard of teaching, professionalism, and constant explorations.

>>Constantly push the boundaries.

>>Face humility.


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