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The Krakow Choreographic Centre is pleased to invite everyone to the presentation of entries to the 7th edition of the choreographic competition 3?2?1?DANCE! The competition entries will be presented on 4-5 March (Saturday-Sunday). Saturday will see the presentation of all preselected pieces, while on Sunday the Jury will announce its official verdict and present awards to the winners, who will present their works on stage.


As part of the Competition, each Juror will individually award two prizes: the first prize in the amount of EUR 500, and the second prize in the amount of EUR 250. Members of the public will also have a chance to vote for selected presentations, amounting to the audience prize in the amount of EUR 300.



List of works qualified for the presentations on 4 March:


1. I że cię nie opuszczę aż do śmierci chor. Szymon Dobosik, Piotr Mateusz Wach (duet Poland)
2. Jestem Helena chor. Agata Meyer-Lüters, Agnieszka Bednarz (duet Poland)
3. Sam zaszyłeś, sam wypruj chor. Emilia Biskupik, Adam Kuza  (duet Poland)
4. Tom in high heels chor. Carlos González (duet Spain/Germany)
5. Step by? chor. Alisa Makarenko (solo Poland/Ukraine)
6. Sleepstep chor. Ioanna Strati (duet Greece)
7. 5, 6, 7, and chor. Victoria Herczek, Oscar Mafa (duet Poland)
8. 20th April chor. Logan Narayanasamy (duet Singapore)
9. What does the body dream chor. April Veselko (solo Slovenia)
10. This is not a white woman chor. Marion Alzieu (solo France)
11. Prisoner of his happiness chor. Diego de la Rosa (solo Spain)
12. CONVICTION chor. Richter/Meyer/Marx (solo Germany)
13. Te echo de menos. Mano chor. Zofia Tomczyk (solo Poland)
14. Terminal B chor. Omar Karabulut (solo Poland)
15. chor. Helena Ganjalyan (solo Polska/Armenia)
16. Lead me chor. Agnieszka Janicka (solo Poland)


4 March 2017, 5 pm, KCC Studio, 3?2?1?DANCE! Choreographic Competition

Tickets: PLN 25


5 March 2017, 6 pm, KCC Studio, presentation of prizes and awarded works

Tickets: PLN 25


Venue: Nowa Huta Culture Centre, al. Jana Pawła II 232.


Notice! The number of seats in the audience is limited!



Audience Organization Office 

Phone no.: +48 12 644 02 66 ext. 55



3…2…1… DANCE! is a choreographic competition held annually since 2011 as an international event which features presentations of solo works, duos and trios based on broadly defined contemporary dance techniques. The basic aim of the competition is to confront one?s own choreographic work with professional jury and the possibility to obtain feedback from both the jury and the audience, thus facilitating the education of dance audiences. 3…2…1…DANCE! is one of the few Polish competitions which is directed to those choreographers who are looking for their own, original manners of expression, regardless of their age and experience.



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