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The Solo Dance Contest remains a regular feature of the Gdańsk Dance Festival programme, and is increasingly appreciated by the European dance community. The audience will be one of the four members of its jury. This international project gains more and more significance in the European dance community. This year, the competition attracted 60 entries from 30 dancers, including seven Poles (and even one local female dancer). The jury includes: Gun Lund (Sweden), a choreographer and dancer, one of the pioneers of Swedish contemporary dance; Hanna Raszewska (Poland), a critic and Dance Theory lecturer; and Dam Van Huynh, a choreographer and dancer, the director of Van Huynh Company.


Preselection presentations will be held on 8?11 June at 6 pm at the Żak Club, to be followed by the finale shows on Sunday 12 June at 6 pm. The evening will end with the announcement of the jury?s decision at 9 pm.




8 June: Junyi Sun (Hiszpania), Bruno Duarte (Portugalia), Kalina Porazińska (Polska), Enrico Paglialunga (Włochy);

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9 June: Krystyna Szydłowska (Polska), Stephanie Roser (Niemcy), Magdalena Widłak (Polska), Laura Guy (Francja, Dania), Carmen Larraz (Hiszpania), Canan Yucel Pekicten (Turcja);

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10 June: Aaltonen Jonna (Luksemburg, Finlandia), Federica Bottini (Włochy), Jolanda Loellman (Niemcy), Sara Bleasdale (Belgia), Marta Zawadzka (Polska), Jasmin Avissar (Niemcy).

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11 June: Aka (Francja), Fabian Fejdasz (Polska), Wendy Cornu (Francja), Agnieszka Janicka (Polska), Afina Fedoassiadi (Niemcy), Maxime Freixas (Francja), Laura Garcia (Hiszpani), Ewelina Drzał-Fiałkiewicz (Polska).

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The Gdańsk Dance Festival is organized by the Żak Club. The event is co-financed by the City of Gdańsk and the Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage. The Gdańsk Water and Wastewater Infrastructure (GIWK) is the festival?s patron.



regular PLN 25, students, children and senior citizens PLN 15, Solo Dance Contest competition presentations PLN 8

card holders: Karta do Kultury PLN 20, Karta Dużej Rodziny PLN 8, Karta Tancerza PLN 3

One-day passes (3, 4, 6 and 7 June)

regular PLN 40, students, children and senior citizens PLN 20

card holders: Karta do Kultury PLN 30


Workshop passes

regular PLN 60, Karta Tancerza card holders PLN 20, family pass (parent + 2 children) 70 PLN, family pass (parent + 1 child) PLN 50

To be eligible for discounts, students, senior citizens and card holders are requested to produce a valid ID / card upon ticket purchase (1 ticket per 1 ID / card).



tel. 58 344 05 73 or 58 345 15 90 ext. 117 (in box office working hours)

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