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October), organised every two years in Wrocław, will include presentations of three dance and movement performances. Lemi Ponifasio (New Zealand) will present his Stones in her mouth. Inspired by Roma Potiki?s volume of poetry Stones in her mouth (1992), ten Maori women perform a hypnotic, vocal and dance ritual based on moteatea texts, a strong tradition of Maori female poets and composers. A treaty on womanhood, Lemi Ponifasio?s performance is a confrontation of ideas, a cry of rage against the apparatus of power, against all forms of oppression, but also a critique of feminism in its formula known in the world of Western culture.


will be staged on 17-18 October (8 pm), 19 October (8:30 pm) at ATM Duże Studio, ul. Dwa Światy 1. The dramaturgy of the play is built through contrasts: black and white, light and dark, noise and silence. All the songs, oratories and chants used in the production have been composed by their performers. Lemi Ponifasio?s performance will be staged on 17-18 October (8 pm), 19 October (8:30 pm) at ATM Duże Studio, ul. Dwa Światy 1.


On 20-21 October, the Wrocław Opera will host Eduardo Guerrero?s (Spain) Re-turn. Referring to the beginnings of his career as a flamenco dancer, the artist decided to prepare a performance devoid of the plot and told solely through movement and music. A dance of life and death, and an expression of human struggle for independence, flamenco has become a perfect language for this tale.

On the same nights (20-21 October, 6 pm and 8 pm), Teatr Ad Spectatores will host presentations of Losdedae Dance Company?s (Spain) Ashes, or give me a reason not to break up. Two characters in extreme situations. They try to find their way in them, both together and apart. Very few words are spoken here. The most intense communication happens through the body, touch and physicality. In Ashes, we witness two meetings: between a mother and a son and in a homosexual couple. The acting space is small, reduced to a minimum, which allows bringing dance and words into prominence and give them particular importance.


About the performances:


Lemi Ponifasio: Stones in her mouth

Eduardo Guerrere: Re-turn

Losdedae Dance Company Ashes, or give me a reason not to break up ? dir. and chor. Chevi Muraday


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