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On Thursday, May 2 at. 8.30 pm Frascati WG Theatre in Amsterdam will be showing work in progress entitled Gravity, choreographed and performed by Iza Szostak, realized in collaboration with Kasia Nocuń (concept, dramaturgy) under the SPAZIO. Iza Szostak is a Polish participant during the first year of the program.

A part of wholeness,

A body attracted to itself,

Divided into pieces but still in congruence with itself.

Gravity is the study of a border, the search for the relation between a whole and a part, discovering the place of division, where a body broken into pieces (though still congruent with itself) ceaselessly defines itself as a subject or an object of its own concern.

choreography and performance: Iza Szostak

concept and dramaturgy: Kasia Nocuń

space and light: Iza Szostak, Kasia Nocuń

production: Art Stations Foundation by Grażyna Kulczyk

supported by Polish: Institute of Music and Dance, Adam Mickiewicz Institute, Urząd Dzielnicy Wawer, Fundacja Burdąg.

thanks to: Jesus, Petra, Imre, Ace, Tiziana, Joanna Leśnierowska, Barbara Meneses, Renée Copraij.

SPAZIO is a European formation and creation program for young dance makers, focused on the interdisciplinary character of the dance discipline. It offers young makers a one year cycle of 5 residencies in all partner countries, through which they can experience the specific expertise the artistic networks of the partners possess. During the sessions the SPAZIO participants follow workshops, lectures, discussions, are coached in creative processes and are challenged to create new work based on these experiences. At the same time the project opens up this network of artists and art works to the local communities of the partners, through open workshops, lectures, discussions and presentations, and invites them to get into a dialogue with all European artists and young makers involved. SPAZIO builds a strong and sustainable European network of partners for the education on dance creation, to ensure a continuous flow of new generations of choreographers, that have a broad and interdisciplinary perspective on contemporary dance and bring new work to their countries.

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