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This Friday, 26 July (6 pm) Paweł Sakowicz is going to present his work-in-progress at Berlin’s Uferstudios (Studio 8, Uferstraße 8/23, D-13357 Berlin). The performance will sum up his two-week choreographic residency stay in Berlin, which was organised by the Institute of Music and Dance in Warsaw, Mica Moca Project Berlin and Uferstudios. Admission free.

Paweł Sakowicz about his project:

I’m treating my two week’s residency at Uferstudios as an intro to my solo performance inspired by Austrian writer Thomas Bernhard. I’m particularly interested in Bernhard’s specific writing style, whose never-ending sentences endow his works with great musicality. I also want to check, for the first time ever, how the process of creating choreography may be shaped by the literature I value. [It’s] a bit about sentences running for two pages, how ungrateful it is to be a translator, and that everything is true and conjured up at the same time; [it’s a bit] about the living word, movement and important places.

Choreography and dance: Paweł Sakowicz

Paweł Sakowicz is an independent dancer and choreographer. He graduated from the Institute of Political Studies, University of Warsaw, and completed an MA programme in performance and choreography at the London Contemporary Dance School. He has collaborated with Sasha Roubicek, Jeannie Steele, Paolo Mangiola, Claire Cunningham, and Karelem Vankiem. In choreography he is mostly interested in the audience’s role in a performance and the space and architecture in movement. He often collaborates with artists, curators and culture institutions in London, Warsaw and Berlin. Occasionally, he teaches in Białystok (Faculty of Puppetry, Theatre Academy) and Warsaw.

More on the residency programme

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