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This Sunday, 15 September at 7 pm DanceLab (Małgorzata Mielech, Zofia Jakubiec) is going to present their work-in-progress at Berlin’s Uferstudios (Studio 12, Uferstraße 8/23). The performance will sum up their two-week choreographic residency stay in Berlin, which was organised by the Institute of Music and Dance in Warsaw, Mica Moca Project Berlin and Uferstudios. Admission free.

From the artists:

Berlin is a city that inspires, astonishes and frightens us, all at the same time. As artists we find this cryptic place very addictive and appealing , from a creative point of view. Berlin can engage and possess all your senses simply by being here. It allows us to discover priceless artistic freedom and invites us to experience and alter our creativity habits. The choreographic language is created by overwhelming fascination with movement, it’s strongly inspired by animal fierceness, it’s emotionally rich and precisely unpredictable.

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