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Performing Europe 2020 is a free social project aimed at procuring new audiences for dance and performing arts. The event is open and addressed to everyone, including everyone marginalised. A complex project, Performing Europe 2020 supports international collaboration of artists within the framework of the Body/Mind Foundation and its 11 European partners (APAP,

The events organised as part of the project will take place in Warsaw. Performing Europe 2020 involves 36 artists from various European states (as well as artists from the Arab world), who represents different aesthetic forms, turn to different practices, work in different contexts, and are at different points of their artistic careers. They are all united by their interest in social and political realities, and their willingness to stage the radical changes in our society.

On the one hand, Performing Europe 2020 addresses the need to explore Warsaw as a European capital that contains various cultural and social identities and convictions. On the other hand, the project invites the diverse new audience to open dialogue through dance. Devising new models of collaboration and joint preparation of projects creates the opportunity for developing new ideas and inventing new forms of artistic expression, including the free performances intended for Warsaw residents, which will be staged in various Warsaw spaces, inside and outside of theatre venues. The events will take the form of live exhibitions, dancing conferences, and talks.

The project has been scheduled for four years ? the first season starts in 2017 and will include three instalments (summer, autumn, winter).


This year?s edition of the initiative will include the presentation of four projects:




Kiosk w ruchu

Interdisciplinary educational installation / dance deliberations

11- 12, 16-17 July/ 6 pm ? 8 pm/ Nowy Teatr – foyer

13 -14 July/ 11 am ? 1 pm / Nowy Teatr ? foyer


The project includes meetings, choreographic games, workshops, a mini media library with films and books prepared by the Body/Mind Foundation in collaboration the Brussels-based organisation ABC ? Art Basics for Children. The events will assist the audience in searching for their own answers to the questions about the meaning of dance. Everyone is welcome to attend, act independently, or use the map. The situation is open-ended.


Body-Opera (Wojtek Blecharz)


16-17 July / 8 pm ? 10 pm / Nowy Teatr ? main stage / premiere

17 July/ 4:30 pm ? 5:30 pm / Body-Opera walk with Wojtek Blecharz

The project is a continuation of Blecharz?s artistic strategy, which situates the audience in a brand new musical and theatrical situation. To an extent, Body-Opera is a critique of institutions that for centuries have offered us the same model of music reception, based on sitting, listening, and watching. Today we know that perception is embodied, and thus the experience of music cannot be reduced to an abstract process involving the brain, the eyes, and the ears. Sound is frequency, vibration, a dynamic material capable of touching, moving our senses, emotions, and bodies. Body-Opera is dedicated to the audience, it explores the relations between the body and the reception of sound, reminding us of its physical nature.  


More (Ramona Nagabczyńska)

17 July, 11 am ? 2 pm / Nowy Teatr ? small stage / workshops with Ramona Nagabczyńska

17 July / 6 pm ? 6:40 pm / Nowy Teatr ? small stage / work in progress presentation

While working on More, Ramona Nagabczyńska will experiment with the potentiality of the body, exploring its limitations and capacities. The artist uses the collage, Genesis P-Orrige?s strategy, as well as horror b-movies, krumping and beatbox. Her main artistic strategy is to establish mutations, repetitions, reflections and symmetries. She conducts continuous negotiations between the original and the copy, reality and representation. During the workshops, participants will explore the choreographic tools which the artist has been using developing her new piece.



To Dance (Christina Ciupke – Germany)


2-6 October / 11 am / 6 hours / Fryderyk Chopin University of Music in Warsaw


The Berlin-based choreographer and performer Christina Ciupke, in collaboration with the dramaturge Iror Dobric, will hold a week of daily 6-hour open rehearsals. The two will use the open space of the University of Music in Warsaw to work on a choreography based on Watermotor by the contemporary dance legend Trisha Brown. The basic ingredients of their work throughout the week will include the space of the venue, alongside music, and time.



Aurora (Alessandro Sciarroni – Italy)

12 December / 8 pm / 60 minutes / Nowy Teatr ? main stage / performance


Following such pieces as Your Girl, a moving humanistic study of the body in its different forms, from perfection to disability; Joseph, in which the artist used the camera and broadband to contemplate the value of human relationships in social media; and Untitled, a choreographic meditation on the passage of time, Sciarroni returns to Warsaw in 2017 with Aurora,  a piece developed in collaboration with blind and hard-of-seeing Goal Ball players.




More information along with the schedule and details on respective projects and artists at: – bookmark: Performing Europe.


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