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Those who missed the Warsaw premieres of pieces developed by Polish and Hungarian artists as part of the 16th edition of the Body/Mind Festival will have a chance to see them at this year?s edition of the Exchange: Change ? Time and Dance programme, which will be held on 11-15 March 2018 in Budapest. The project is a continuation of the January 2017 international programme for emerging choreographers from Poland and Germany, whose goal is to promote new, intriguing voices in dance theatre.


The Exchange: Change project will showcase 6 women artists, 3 from Poland and 3 from Hungary; the artists began to work together at the International Creative Laboratory  Exchange: Change ? Time and Dance. A week-long workshop at the Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art, moderated by eminent dance practitioners and theorists ? Rafał Dziemidok and Petra Peters ? saw the beginning of a collaboration between Polish and international artists, who began to work on joint presentations.


Each participant was also given a chance to participate in a three-week artistic residency in Budapest supervised by curator Anikó Rácz. This part of the programme concluded with presentations of works-in-progress at the Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art, held as part of the 16th edition of the International Body/Mind Festival, whose leading theme was ?time?.

Tangible effects of the Polish instalment of the project, i.e. 6 premieres (including 3 Polish premieres) and 2 discussion panels featuring the showcased artists, resulted in the invitation of the Polish artists to the subsequent instalment of the programme in Budapest, where they will perform at the MU Theatre on 13-14 March 2018. The mini-festival will feature presentations by Aniela Kokosza, Aleksandra Bożek-Muszyńska and Ula Zerek.


The project was developed as part of the 16th International Body/Mind Festival, organized by the Body/Mind Foundation, supported by the Capital City of Warsaw, the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage (Poland), and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Commerce (Hungary).


Supported by the Adam Mickiewicz Institute as part of the international cultural programme POLSKA 100. Financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage as part of the Multi-Annual Programme NIEPODLEGŁA 2017-2021.

project curator: Edyta Kozak, Anikó Rácz
project moderator: Rafał Dziemidok, Petra Péter
organiser: Ciało/Umysł Foundation
production manager: Krzysztof Kwiatkowski, Janka Vámos
co-organiser: SÍN Arts and Culture Centre in Budapest, MU Theatre in Budapest, Adam Mickiewicz Institute


More about the Polish pieces developed as part of the project:


Aniela Kokosza: I give you time

The project is an attempt to escape from the pressure of time, come into existence in a parallel universe and find a time-independent state of mind, an experiment based on questioning the boundaries between giving and receiving.

The performer wants to share the comfort zone that she creates with her audience and by that ? give them time. What will they do with it? Everything depends on them?

About the piece:

Off-stage performative activity

A field of activity (performative post) with a pretty and kind ?distributor? of time, set in a soft, inviting, audience-friendly environment.

An experiment in construction based on questions related to giving and accepting time.

Existence in a time-independent space is as impossible as surviving in a void. An attempt to share something impossible with the audience. Meaningless waiting for nothing,,, Persistence set in a specific context? or without any context at all.


Creator, performer: Aniela Kokosza
Producer: Fundacja Ciało/Umysł
Supporters: The Hungarian Culture Institute in Warsaw (CZ), The municipal City of Warsaw (CZ), The Ministry of Culture and National Heritage (CZ), The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (H), Center for Contemporary Art ? Zamek Ujazdowski (CZ)


Ula Zerek: Exposure

I am interested in time as a varied measure of individual presence experience constructed with many layers and bent plates, inseparable yet distant from each other. Depending on taken perspective the sensation, perception as well as shape of time vary. Within time there is only one dimension of physical experience supplemented by space. Nevertheless emotional capacity enables wider perception going beyond the comfort zone.

Feeling parallel realities awakes emotions which influence the here and now. Initial inspiration for the work was Eadweard Muybridge?s motion study pictures. Trying to stop movement, he made a set of pictures creating moving image. This circular paradox of time in Muybridge?s works, as well as the desire of grasping the imperceptible, are both very intriguing for me.

Exploring the issue of time I confront movement with photography at the levels of partnership and juxtaposition level. I begin by adopting movement as a flow of time and photography as a means to capture it, and I inverse this order later on. With light and exposure value as the pivotal elements of emerging images, I am building my personal movement exposition focusing both on motion and on capturing subtle details.

Creator, performer: Ula Zerek
Producer: Fundacja Ciało/Umysł
Photography: Tomek Zerek
Music: WODA ? Adam Witkowski&Krzysztof Arszyn Topolski
Supporters: The Hungarian Culture Institute in Warsaw (CZ), The municipal City of Warsaw (CZ), The Ministry of Culture and National Heritage (CZ), The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (H), Center for Contemporary Art ? Zamek Ujazdowski (CZ)


Aleksandra Bożek-Muszyńska: The day when V. made me think, or how I got rid of procrastination

?Dear viewer,
Close your eyes,
And let this questions pop
in your head,
Give yourself time for the answer??


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