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On Saturday, 11 February 2017 (7 pm), the Bytom Dance and Movement Theatre ROZBARK (ul. Kilara 29) will host the premiere of Anna Piotrowska?s Fast Food Foot, directed and choreographed by Anna Piotrowska. The repeat performance will take place on the following day at 7 pm.


About the piece:

The pop-cultural reference to fast food does not invoke a reflection on our nutrition. Rather, it is a metaphor of the speed with which we consume images, and the pleasure with which we embrace what we are fed by the mass media. The starting point for Fast Food Foot is the casual TV show structure, and the consequences it entails. The characters portrayed by dancers will move in this world to the rhythm of familiar disco hits. The apparent presence of the camera, and the frequently changing content, will lend individual scenes a surrealist feel. The piece reduces motion to a sort of ?choreography in progress?, accompanied by incessant disco rhythms. This convention, however, is more than an assemblage of quotations from mass culture. The ?disco concept? implies a drive towards a specific atmosphere of ?being in the state of disco? and an attempt to identify the ?disco body?, along with its nonchalance and excitement. The use of disco hits transpose one further into the imaginary world, often leaving but a musical trace behind them. The piece will thus offer more than one story; highly extravagant, eccentric, and excited, the energy contained in disco will dictate the choreographic assumptions behind Fast Food Foot. Even with minimized motion, what matters in the end is to remain in the trance-like disco state?


Concept, choreography, direction: Anna Piotrowska

Ekstrawaganza Magic Molly Jones briefly Magic Molly: Angelika Tomasiak
José Boss CelebRemos: Artur Bieńkowski
dr Gonzo Desmond For Friends: Kamil Bończyk
Santa Atributa Bee Brown:  Szymon Dobosik
Alojzy Alojzy: Jacek Niepsujewicz
Diamond Fog: Alexey Torgunakov
Mr Patrick Boogie Man:  Piotr Mateusz Wach

creation and performance: Angelika Tomasiak, Artur Bieńkowski, Kamil Bończyk, Szymon Dobosik, Jacek Niepsujewicz, Alexey Torgunakov, Piotr Mateusz Wach,
lighting design: Paweł Murlik Anna Piotrowska,
costumes and stage design: Anna Piotrowska,
music: collage
realized by: Marcin Aleksiej, Michał Wawrzyniak, Magdalena Hajda
graphic design: Aleksander Joachimiak,
premiere: 11 February 2017, Rozbark Theatre
produced by: Rozbark Theatre
co-produced by: Dance Development Foundaiton
critical observatory Anna Duda, Aleksandra Kranz
duration: 60 minutes
The piece is intended for viewers over 12 years of age.

Tickets: PLN 20 (reduced), PLN 30 (full-price).


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