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The Centre for Dance Art in Warsaw is a pilot program intended to build a fixed venue for contemporary dance and related arts. For many years, the Warsaw dance milieu has tried to find a dance venue to host regular presentations of dance shows and performances, workshops, lectures and discussions (Central Artistic Pool, IMKA Theatre, Studio Theatre, Centre for Contemporary Art?Ujazdowski Castle). There have been fruitful attempts to unify Warsaw?s dance circles through such projects as the Warsaw Dance Stage and the Warsaw dance Platform, which have operated as joint initiatives of Warsaw-based dancers and choreographers (organizations working within the Social Dialogue Committee for Dance in Warsaw (KDS). The aforementioned initiatives have successfully probed the dace community in terms of implementation of dance-related projects.


Another step in the process envisions the establishment of the Centre for Dance Art in Warsaw, which will host several presentations a month, as well as regular workshops, lectures and film screenings. The project is implemented by the community working as part of the Social Dialogue Committee for Dance in Warsaw. Project partners include the Mazovia Centre for Culture and Art (MIK), which will rent space for the implementation of the program in 2016 free of charge.


The general vision of the project has been developed in the course of consultations and a consolidation of the dance community by the Social Dialogue Committee for Dance, and its implementation has been delegated to three organizations representing the Warsaw dance milieu: the ART_committed Foundation, the PERFORM Art Foundation, and the NEW WAVE Theatre Development Foundation.


The long term goal of the project is to establish a permanent dance venue in Warsaw, facilitating a regular offer of artistic events featuring Warsaw-based authors representing diverse approaches to dance and related arts. The program strives to streamline the creation of a fixed joint repertoire which will feature performances, workshops, dance film screenings, presentations or debates. It is also a chance to develop Warsaw?s dance community and its audiences. The Centre for Dance Art hopes to support a strong dance community in Warsaw through collaboration and consolidation of artists and dance organizations, and by popularizing the art of dance among Warsaw?s broad cultural audience.


The Centre for Dance Art also foresees professional promotion of, and assistance to, dance artists. The concentration of all artists and organizations in one venue will hopefully enable the discovery of young talents and bolster the position of their more established colleagues and dance organizations. 


In 2016, the Centre for Dance Art will implement its EKSPRESJE [Expressions] project ? a regular presentation and promotion of Warsaw-based artists active in dance ? both its household names and dancers and choreographers who have recently launched their careers. Performances and workshops will take place from September through December 2016 at the Mazovia Centre for Culture and Art.


The inauguration night will take place at the Mazovia Centre for Culture and Art on 14 September 2016 (7 pm). The event will include presentations of Edyta Kozak?s My own interview@Fanny Panda (produced by Komuna//Warszawa), as well as Agnieszka Bednarz, Paulina Jóźwicka and Kasia Kostrzewa?s Project: 3 Sisters.

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