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On Monday, 14 November (8 pm), the Guangdong Cantonese Opera Arts Center in Guangzhou, Guangdong province, will host the Chinese premiere of the choreographic night ?Made in China ? poza granicami?  produced by BeijingDance/LDTX. The night, presented as part of the 13th edition of the Guangdong Dance Festival, will be a triple bill. The choreographies Made in China and Whiplash were contributed by two outstanding Polish artists, Jacek Przybyłowicz and Jacek Łumiński. Both choreographers have visited China several times to hold dance workshops and collaborate with local artists. Both pieces have been written as collective dance compositions, devoid of linear narrations and based on the relations between dancers and their intentions. They distinguish themselves by their intense physicality and expression of motion which results from the current dance techniques and styles. As emphasized by Jacek Przybyłowicz, Made in China strives to transfer his daily experience as an artist who ? due to the character of his job ? has been living on the road for years. Aside from the European masters, Johan Sebastian Bach and Claude Debussy, the piece uses the melodies characteristic of Central Asia, the Far East and Mongolia. The final presentation of the night, titled First Ritual, was prepared by the acclaimed Chinese choreographer Li Han-zhong.


DTX is China?s oldest professional dance theater, established in 2005 during the country?s dynamic cultural growth. Its members originate from top Chinese dance schools, including the Beijing Dance Academy.


About the performances:



Whiplash is a dance narrative inspired by life experience and images. The piece reminds us that many of our decisions are a consequence of unexpected circumstances. Coincidence, chance, destiny?however we call them, as implied by Jacek Łumiński ? determine human behavior and trigger various events. Such events are like a whiplash and become catalysts for our actions.


Choreographer: Jacek Łumiński
Assistant choreographer: Agnieszka Bednarz
Music: Zbigniew Karkowski, Li Chi Sung, J.S Bach 
Dancers: LI Ke-hua, FAN Lu, JIN Xiao-lin, LIU Lang, TIAN Rumeng, SUN Mengyao, SUN Rui, ADIYA, MA Yue, LIU Xue-fang, YAN Han-yi, YUAN Zhe-Lun, LIU Yang, FENG Xiao-ming


Made in China

They walked and looked afar straight ahead.

They dreamed about the house that still was on the shore.

They passed by some countries and lands which smelt of greens.

They walked and wept with joy.

Returning home to the place of their childhood.


Choreography:  Jacek Przybyłowicz
Music: Jan Sebastian Bach, Claude Debussy, Anda Union
Dancers: LI Ke-hua, FAN Lu, JIN Xiao-lin, LIU Lang, TIAN Rumeng, SUN Mengyao, SUN Rui, ADIYA, MA Yue, LIU Xue-fang, YAN Han-yi, YUAN Zhe-Lun, LIU Yang, FENG Xiao-ming


First Ritual

The final show of the night, First Ritual, will feature all 14 danccers of Beijing Dance LDTX. The piece was choreographed by LI Han-zhong, an internationally acclaimed choreographer whose works have been presented in over 20 countries, including Algeria, Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Korea, Mexico, Switzerland and the United States. First Ritual presents the clash between the spirit and the form, sharpening the contrasts and drawing from ancient rites and ceremonies. It combines tradition with modernity, juxtaposes illusion with the global, individual, social and personal reality. The music was written by Tan Dun, a Chinese composer, author of soundtracks for such films as Hero or Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.


Choreographer: LI Han-zhong, MA Bo
Music: TAN Dun
Lighting design: Godzilla TAN
Dancers: entire company


LI Han-zhong is an internationally acclaimed choreographer. Born in Kunming in the Yunnan province of China, he joined the Beijing Song and Dance Ensemble of the National Defense and Technology Commission in 1979, and Guangzhou Military Region Song and Dance Troupe in 1982. LI then enrolled in the Beijing Dance Academy, Division of Chinese Ethnic Dance in 1987 and graduated with a BA degree in 1991. He joined the Guangdong Modern Dance Company as a dancer in 1991, and had been serving in the capacity of Artistic Assistant and Choreographer. He was invited to be Executive Artistic Director of Beijing Modern Dance Company in March 1999. In September 2005, LI and Willy TSAO co-founded Beijing Dance/LDTX, and served as Executive Artistic Director since its establishment.


LI has created over 30 major works. His major choreographies include All River Red, Between Lines, Concerto Rhapsody, First Ritual, Rear Light, Rehearsal and Performance: At Odds, Sorrowful Songs, The Cold Dagger, The Sounds of Heaven, The Thirteenth Singletons, Undetermined Domain.His most important choreographies have been performed in more than 20 countries across the five continents. Including the Algeria, Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, Costa Rica, France, Germany, Italy, Korea, Latvia, Mexico, Poland, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland, and the US.


LI?s choreographic talent is recognized internationally and has been invited to stage works for various dance institutes including the Adelaide Center for the Arts in 1998 and 2000, the International Choreographers Showcase of the American Dance Festival, and the Cloud Gate Dance Theater in 1999. LI has also been engaged as producer, director and choreographer for many large scale dance dramas and musicals such as Song of Movie in Beijing, The Three Kingdoms in Chongqing, The Impression of West Lake in Hangzhou, MAO Ze-dong in Hunan, The Song of Everlasting Sorrow in Xi’an and Nursery School of Red Capital in Yan’an.


The Guangdong Dance Festival is one of the biggest dance festivals in Asia.


The Guangdong Dance Festival is one of the brilliant features of the Guangdong culture. It is also renowned internationally. The festival not only features the forefront of international dance innovators, but also establishes young and emerging artists from China. There are performances both in theatre and public space as well as collaborations with organizations from different fields.


Over the years, it has grown into a platform of international exchange and a hub of Chinese contemporary dance development where new ideas are turned into reality. Its DanceX activities are the very first arts market for Chinese contemporary dance, and have become a study case in performing art in China. DanceX not only builds up the image of Chinese contemporary art in the world, but also demonstrates the advanced development of the Guangdong culture.


On the other hand, its community activities strengthen the understanding between the public and the contemporary dance. The free admission community activities, including site specific performance, dance workshops, community tours, dance installations, etc. highlight the city?s uniqueness.


Festival website:

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