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Sunday, 20 November 2016 (7 pm) will see the Polish premiere of Anna Konjetzky?s Lighting and a?b at the Centre for the Documentation of the Art of Tadeusz Kantor CRICOTEKA in Cracow (ul. Nadwiślańska 2-4). The presentation will take place as part of the Anna Królica curatorial programme Choreographic Machine. Schlemmer. Analogies. The repeat performances will take place on 22 November at the Białystok Puppet Theatre (7 pm, ul. Kalinowskiego 1) and 24 November at Klub Żak in Gdańsk (7 pm, al. Grunwaldzka 195/197). Lighting was produced in collaboration with the Institute of Music and Dance as part of the Choreographic Commissions 2016 programme.


Anna Konjetzky is visiting Poland for the third time, having previously staged three of her choreographies (Abdrücke/Abdrücke folgen and Chipping) at the CRICOTEKA centre. Konjetzky focuses on movement, action in space, often times stirring her audiences with extravagant stage designs; this time, Konjetzky emphasises the role of music, which acts as her partner.



The premiere was preceded by Konjetzky?s two weeks? residency with Polish dancers in Cracow, where she was accompanied by an international collective with whom she had collaborated in her previous premieres. A Polish-German co-production, Lighting features two dancers from Białystok ? Karolina Garbacik and Julia Dondziło, as well as Italians Viviana Defazio and Michele Meloni, Belgian dancer Sahra Huby and Cracow-based dancers Piotr Skalski, Paweł Łyskawa, Eryk Makohon, and the Australian dancer Quindell Orton. The piece is accompanied by Sergei Maingardt?s powerful music which carries emotions and impressions accompanying situations of protest and defiance, transposed on sounds. Lighting is a choreography which stems from the observation of actions taken by protesting collectives, and the latent emotions of the body. The piece is a peculiar study of the phenomenon of the crowd.



Konjetzky also created an abstract duo for Karolina Garbacik and Eryk Makohon, in which two mutually attracted characters get together and push each other away, unable to find a common platform of understanding. Particularly striking is the trembling, shaky and quivering way in which they move through space, indicative of their functioning in the world, and of unstable individual identities in contemporary society.



About the performances:



Lighting, the igniting, torching, kindling, is the title of Anna Konjetzky?s latest dance piece in which the choreographer fixates the audience?s gaze on the bodies of the ten dancers on a bare stage. Ten dancers who form a flurrying, pulsating mass in which the pressure seems to increase constantly. Inspired by the numerous pictures of protest movements round the globe, ?Lighting? simply investigates that spark, that moment of collapse, of discharge.




Choreographer, artistic director: Anna Konjetzky
assistant choreographer: Quindell Orton
performers: Viviana Defazio, Julia Dondziło, Karolina Garbacik, Sahra Huby, Piotr Skalski, Paweł Łyskawa, Eryk Makohon, Michele Meloni, Quindell Orton
music: Sergej Maingardt
lighting: Robert Irman
Premiere: 20 November 2016, Choreographic Machine, Cricoteka
Polish producer: Podlasie Dance Association
co-produced by: Cricoteka, Kraków Dance Theatre Association, Performa Foundation, Danceoffnia

partner: Institute of Music and Dance, Białystok Puppet Theatre
project curator and Polish premiere coordinator: Anna Królica
world premiere: 18-19 September 2013, Muffathalle, Munich


In co-production with the Vietnam National Opera and Ballet, the Goethe-Institut Hanoi and the Muffathalle Munich.

Supported by the NATIONALES PERFORMANCE NETZ ? International Guest Performance Fund for Dance, financed by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media, commissioned by the Bundestag.


Produced in collaboration with the Institute of Music and Dance as part of the ?Choreographic Commissions 2016? programme.


 Logo IMIT ENG (miniaturka)




It is a dialogue between bodies, one which renders them audible. Two bodies engage in a conversation between motion and sound. One propels the other, triggers reactions and impulses transmitted between the bodies. The audience witnesses a game of ping-pong between two people.

choreography: Anna Konjetzky
dancers: Karolina Garbacik, Eryk Makohon
music: Brigitta Muntendorf
curator: Anna Królica
World premiere: 20 November 2016, Choreographic Machine, Cricoteka



tickets: (Lighting + a?b): PLN 15/20




Dance programme presented as part of the Choreographic Machine

5 ? 20 November 2016

concept / curator: Anna Królica

The programme will be presented as an accompanying event of the Schlemmer | Kantor exhibition (14 October 2016-15 January 2017).



Belka Logo Maszyna Choreograficzna 2016 (miniaturka)



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