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On Thursday, 21 September (7 pm), the Dada von Bzdülöw Theatre will premiere its latest piece Dzisiaj, wszystko [Today, Everything], choreographed by Jakub Truszkowski. The performance was created in collaboration with the Wybrzeże Theatre, which will host the premiere at the Paintshop Stage, with repeat performances scheduled for 22-23 September at 7 pm. The piece was developed in collaboration with the Institute of Music and Dance as part of the Choreographic Commissions 2017 programme.


Today, Everything is directly linked to the 25th anniversary of the Dada von Bzdülöw Theatre, which falls on this coming autumn. The piece was intended as a summary of the company?s long standing experience, on the one hand, and an opening of a new performative and thematic perspective, on the other hand. Contrary to the latest productions by the Dada Theatre, Today, Everything focuses on choreographic and dance solutions.


The choreography for Today, Everything was contributed by Jakub Truszkowski, graduate of the State Ballet School in Gdańsk and Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker?s P.A.R.T.S. Truszkowski has been working with the Rosas company since 2000 (as a dancer and rehearsal director), therefore the piece is an artistic return home, and his choreographic debut in Poland. Inviting Jakub Truszkowski to choreograph Today, Everything stems from the vital component of Dada?s biography, i.e. the indirect influences of the Belgian dance scene, which has informed the company? oeuvre since its beginnings. Both Katarzyna Chmielewska, co-founder of the company, and those who collaborated with the Dada Theatre in the past few years: Roberto Olivan, Radek Hewelt, Magdalena Reiter, Dawid Lorenc (all of whom have ties to P.A.R.T.S. and other dance and theatre master stages in Belgium) have shaped Dada?s stage productions. Dada?s collaboration with Jakub Truszkowski is thus an extension of its earlier inspiration, while also serving as an attempt to process (remix) the accomplishments of the Belgian stage in the melting pot of Dadaist design. Jakub Truszkowski?s choreography in Today, Everything ? created in collaboration with Dada?s founders Katarzyna Chmielewska (assistant choreographer) and Leszek Bzdyl (performance concept) will be the 50th premiere in the history of the Gdańsk company. Apart from the aforementioned trio, the piece will feature Anna Steller (who has worked with the Dada Theatre since 1992), as well as Katarzyna Ustowska and Piotr Stanek, both linked with Dada since 2014 (Enclave 4/7, INTRO).


About the piece:


Base reflection:
Since what has passed disappears forever / it turns into something ? we have learned not to burden our thoughts with the past, and since what is about to come seems immaterial to us / it will be something ?

we have learned not to bother about intergenerational projects. After all, we are left with the transient now, TODAY, and TODAY has to encompass EVERYTHING.


Reflection on the lack of reflection:
Forced to watch a stage event, the viewer heroically searches for the compatibility of their own taste with that of those who create the event. Since its establishment in 1992 (that is, for the past 25 years), the founders of the Dada von Bzdülöw Theatre have intended to approach their audience without imposing any preconceived reflections, as well as to imagine the useful or useless effects of such an encounter. Hence, once again, TODAY, EVERYTHING.


Dada itself feels nothing,

It is nothing, nothing, nothing.

It is like your hopes: nothing.

Like your heavens: nothing.

Like your artists: nothing.

Like your religion: nothing.

Francis Picabia

Today, Everything will be a journey through the constellations of fulfilment. A Dionysian feast of intoxication. A redistribution of surplus. An appropriation of the world. An accumulated wear of everything at hand. An act of vampirism and sacrificial submission at the same time.


For to him that is joined to all the living there is hope:

For a living dog is better than a dead lion.




Choreography: Jakub Truszkowski
Choreographic collaboration: Katarzyna Chmielewska

Concept: Leszek Bzdyl

Music: Łoskot ? Mikołaj Trzaska, Piotr Pawlak, Olo Walicki, Macio Moretti
Costumes: Katarzyna Piątek
Lighting design: Michał Kołodziej

Performed by: Katarzyna Chmielewska, Anna Steller, Katarzyna Ustowska, Leszek Bzdyl, Piotr Stanek, Jakub Truszkowski.


Premiere: 21 September, Paintshop Stage

Repeat performances: 22-23 September, Paintshop Stage


Produced by: Dada von Bzdülöw Theatre, Wybrzeże Theatre

Supported by the City of Gdańsk


Project Partner: Klubu Żak in Gdańsk


Developed in collaboration with the Institute of Music and Dance, as part of the Choreographic Commisions 2017 programme.


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Jakub Truszkowski (b. 1977) is a choreographer. He graduated from the State Ballet School in Gdansk, where studied from 1987 to 1996. As a high school student he performed in several classical ballets at the Baltic Opera in Gdańsk. In 1996 Jakub was admitted to Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker?s school P.A.R.T.S, graduating in 1999. In January 2000 Jakub joined the company Rosas, dancing in the revival of Drumming, Mozart / Concert Arias, Mikrokosmos and participating in the creation of In Real Time, Rain, April Me, Repertory Evening (2002), Bitches Brew / Tacoma Narrows and Kassandra. In 2008 he joined the company les ballets C de la B, performing in Import Export and participating to the creation of Ashes.  He is a teacher at P.A.R.T.S, Brussels, as well as a guest teacher at several other schools including Amsterdam University of the Arts and the Folkwang University of the Arts. As a rehearsal director, he participates in the transfer of the Rosas repertoire to the Lyon Opera, P.A.R.T.S., Paris Opera and Companhia Nacional de Bailado in Lisbon. He has developed four original pieces: Solo for the Projector, Improvisation Solo, Bodyspace and Memory Reset. He is the co-founder and performer with The House of Bertha Dance.


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