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The newest production by the Kielce Dance Theatre is a unique journey into the depths of jazz dance, its colourful history and various shades that are currently being rediscovered. Zobacz Jazz [See Jazz] is a piece comprised of two choreographic compositions: Hymn of Life by Jean Claude Marginale /Mister Dynamite/ and Golden Ages by Jean harles Zambo /JoYsS/. The project will premiere on 17 November 2017 (6 pm) at the seat of the Kielce Dance Theatre (pl. Moniuszki 2b), followed by a repeat presentation on 29 November (6 pm).


About the piece:


ACT I: Hymn of Life is a dance tale about us, our life, and incessantly missing one another. The piece addresses contemporary issues presented using Jazz Rock and Modern Jazz, attempting to explicate such phenomena as miscegenation, cultural difference or disintegration of social borders. This dance stale bridges people and helps them come into contact with one another. Throughout the show, jazz rock becomes a movement Esperanto, a form that grants equal access to the world and ourselves to everyone. The piece stimulates and infuses the audience with euphoria? It is a hymn of joy, a hymn of piece? A Hymn of life.


choreography: Jean Claude Marignale / Mister Dynamite /


ACT II: Golden Ages is a piece that that takes the audience to the dancing Harlem of the 1920s and 30s. Cotton Club is the first stop in the journey to the Golden Age, filled with swing, Charleston, and energetic music. The performance symbolically reflects jazz and its role in the development of dance culture, while also acknowledging black artists who performed for affluent white audiences. The subsequent stop is the jazz revolution at Savoy Ballroom at the heyday of dance, sensuality and voluptuous movement.


Each component of the piece amounts to a distinct homage to the culture of swing jazz and its impact on such styles Charleston, Lindy Hop, Boogie, Rock and many others that followed worldwide.


choreography: Jean Charles Zambo / JoYsS/


The piece was developed in collaboration with the Institute of Music and Dance as part of the Choreographic Commissions 2017 programme.

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