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Organised by the Krakow Choreographic Centre ? Nowa Huta Cultural Centre, the 8th edition of the 3?2?1?DANCE! Choreographic Competition attracted 35 submissions from Poland, Canada, Japan, Germany ,Israel, the USA, Austria, Portugal, and Slovenia.


After due deliberation, the organisers qualified the following pieces for the main competition:


1. Birches, chor. April Veselko, duet (Slovenia)
2. Form 01, chor. Damian Drozd solo (Poland)
3. Fur Roman, chor. Monika Witkowska, solo (Poland)
4. KOSMO, chor. Zuzanna Pruska, Yoh Morishita, duet (Poland, Japan)
5. Melancholia, chor. Jakub Lewandowski, solo (Poland)
6. Między nami?, chor. Anna Sawicka-Hodun, duet (Poland)
7. Moira, chor. Ilona Gumowska duet (Poland)
8. No, where, chor. Paulina Będkowska, Monika Małycha, solo (Poland)
9. Pulso, chor. Maria Rita Nogueira, solo (Portugal)
10. STONEWALL INN, chor. Jarosław Mysona, solo (Poland)
11. zestrojenie, chor. Marta Jakimicha, Paulina Spiel, duet (Poland)


The selection committee has made its decision based on the following criteria:

– general composition;
– idea;
– cohesion of individual components, such as incidental music, costumes, and means of expression;
– technical competence of dancers and their expressiveness;  
– originality of movement language;
other choreographic qualities.


Competition presentations:

24 March, 5 pm ? presentation of competition entries, feedback from the jury, co-participants, and the audience

Tickets: PLN 25



25 March, 6 pm? awards night: award ceremony, presentation of awarded pieces, and premiere of Jestem  miłością [I am Love] by Barbara Bujakowska, Daria Kubisiak and Marcin Janus  (

Tickets: PLN 25




Competition jury: Gwyn Emberton, Małgorzata Haduch, Agata Moląg, Jacek Przybyłowicz

Prize pool: EUR 3,100 + additional in-kind prize (workshops at the Contemporary Dance Festival SPACER 2018).

3 x 1st prize: EUR 500
3 x 2nd prize: EUR 300
audience award: EUR 300
Grand Prix: EUR 400


Notice: the number of seats in the audience is limited.



Customer service / box office
phone no.: 12 644 02 66 extension 55




3?2?1?DANCE! is a choreographic competition held annually since 2011 as an international event which features presentations of solo works, duos and trios based on broadly defined contemporary dance techniques. The basic aim of the competition is to confront one?s own choreographic work with professional jury and the possibility to obtain feedback from both the jury and the audience, thus facilitating the education of dance audiences. 3…2…1…DANCE! is one of the few Polish competitions which is directed to those choreographers who are looking for their own, original manners of expression, regardless of their age and experience.



The Competition has a unique format, in which every juror, without prior consultations with the other members of the jury, awards two prizes for two selected presentations, specifying particular presentation values that led them to awarding a given piece in the jury certificate. Apart from the jury awards, the prize pool includes the audience award and the Grand Prix, which will be awarded by the Organisers to one among the awarded laureates. This year, the Grand Prix will be awarded for the first time in the history of the Competition.


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